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Judge Amy Berman Jackson or a decision will be released tomorrow. What are we doing? Well, that's right. And you know, in this case, Paul Manafort did not go to trial. He decided he was going to plead guilty and cooperate at didn't work out, particularly well because prosecutors said, hey, you're lying to us. And you're supposed to be cooperating. He faces a maximum of ten years. That's how long the judge could put him behind bars. And where we saw judge TSL's was a little bit more lenient that certainly might not be the case when he is before this judge in DC, judging Burma Jackson has a lot more reasons to be unhappy with Paul Manafort, he lied when he was supposed to be cooperating with investigators. He was found to be tampering with witnesses, which is why she threw him behind bars in the first place, and she also has a lot more insight into this case, she's been able to view a lot of intelligence that's still under seal to the general public. So she knows a lot about what kinds of activities he was up to during the campaign his interactions with his associate Constantine Kalinic. And that could all come into play when she decides to move forward with the sentencing. So it's possible. She could be a lot harsher us. Really harsh throws the book at him. She gives them ten years and to begin that ten year sentence after he finishes. The first nearly four years of this absolutely judged that he was going to leave that up to judge Amy Berman Jackson weather. She wanted to set these terms to run consecutively. So that's fully within her power concurrently could wind up maybe fourteen years in jail. What about talk of a part? Well, I don't think that anyone can rule it out at this point. You know, we saw the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, go out there and say, you know, the president will make a decision about that. When he's ready, but we know that really from the beginning, Donald Trump was never a huge fan of home Manafort when they were working together on the campaign. But as soon as Manafort was facing charges, President Trump would say to people that he felt bad because he felt like Manafort was just being prosecuted because he worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. And these are all things that could come into play. We'll just have to wait and see tomorrow, you'll be the courtroom. Yup. Thank you very much. Sir Murray reporting coming up former vice president Joe Biden gives the clearest signal yet that he's ready to jump into the twenty twenty race. Would he be an instant front runner? Remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN. Popular Democrats are edging closer to entering the twenty twenty presidential race. Former vice president Joe Biden looks like he's ready could become an instant front runner while Beto alert could also be a very popular candidate. Let's go to our senior Washington. Correspondent Jeff Zony? Jeff. What's the latest wolf? It's a longer question if they're running. But when they're getting in now, Joe Biden said today, he'll be revealing his decision pretty soon with aids. I in April announcement the belt a work that former Texas congressman he's going even sooner he's planning a weekend trip to Iowa by that time is expected to be in the race. Joe Biden answering those three words today with a slight smile not saying yes, but showing no signs of backing away from third bid for the presidency. He's making plans to jump into the twenty twenty Ray soon eyeing a formal announcement in April. I appreciate the energy showed when I got up here. Save a little longer. I may need in the few weeks. Speaking to the international association of firefighters who made their views clear Biden offer to hint at his strategy. Take on President Trump directly rather than the Democrats. He'll I be competing against everybody gets a shot. That's what the next president states these understand. And that's what I don't think. This current president understands at all the former vice president following his wife Jill onstage, she's given her blessing to another presidential run. So I'm grateful to be here today to say, thank you Abidin campaign in waiting is about to come to life testing, whether Democrats will favor experience over new blood. One of Biden's, I will be Iowa where sixty four percent of likely democratic caucus goers say he should run. According to the latest, CNN Moines. Register Isla poll with thirty one percent saying his time has passed while much of the energy of the Democratic Party is on the left a full seventy percent say Biden's political use are about right by April Biden set to have even more competition as better reward is on the cusp of also jumping into the race. As learn the former Texas congressman is poised to push the button on a presidential announcement in the coming days in the words of one person familiar with the plan, he launched more than three hundred ads on Facebook this week after not running a single one since losing his Senate race to Ted Cruz November what's up I that's a rock here in L Paso, also heading to on Saturday campaigning in a state Senate race and likely for himself. Meanwhile, South bend, mayor Buddha. Judge is trying to seize no mention. From CNN townhall on Sunday. Aides say he raised more than six hundred thousand dollars from twenty two thousand donors in the first twenty four hours, a sign more and more people are getting to know his name, how do you pronounce your last name digit Buddha? Jets say that three times fast either way it comes up. So good. A judge is the youngest candidate in the campaign at thirty seven. He's been saying it's time for generational change. But wolf that is one of the central questions of this primary are Democrats looking to pass the torch or they looking for new blood here. So it's one of the things that will be examining for the next year. But both of them appear to be in. That Biden race will certainly be interesting political arena is heating up big time. Right. I will watch it closely. Jeff zeleny. Thank you. Coming up. Breaking news celebrity doing court for alleged college admissions scam. Why were the rich and famous resort to bribery and conspiracy to get kids into top schools? 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