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Another five also men burnout lyon kugler night i he hasn't been in honor of me and my cell number in your phone the way i don't what i should've asked for what is happening now fighting good i do not but it's not like my people control whollyowned already well we would love that i should call it that early would i love being of hollywood uh you know i i know i know and to get us back to sue my i know bibi netanyahu listens to this podcast in honor of his recommending crash george diamonds here's again here's an example for you guys you could step down nothing how down down in who are going to be also be be here all a very rich ultimate kathy style could live in luxury go golfing or whatever the fog here it's like a boy the prime minister what does he president from his whatever okay well listen we where we go we were also going to talk about the cape town wire shortage but we've run out of time water it's so fitting so but i it's blocking crazy they're approaching days zero were they don't have water and it's crazy to me and while we should all be conserving water wall people do the street unchallenged wish really pisses me off demonstrate i'm challenges that's when you fill a couple of water like that with the straight arm and try to get in your mouth people they do have the internet capetown south africa so why while we in america are like wow let's have fun with it there.

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