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For by Mike Bloomberg twenty twenty it's eleven eighteen I think in whether on the aids and when it breaks the situation on the beltway the outer loop after branch Avenue the trash pick up crew was along the right side but now it seems we have a new problem on the outer loop after Pennsylvania Avenue the accident activity along the left side so watch for brief delays near the Suitland parkway or near Allentown road and then again it from before Pennsylvania Avenue to near the R. C. read over past interlude starting to see some rubber necking building at that point as well now good news on the outer loop topside at university Boulevard the work site is cleared so that delay Izzy's however you will still find the delay on the outer loop in Maryland B. four River Road to the American Legion bridge with the work in the right lane two seventy north and southbound no reported issues we do still have powder mill road closed in both directions between route one and cook road crash from earlier earlier this morning in the overnight hours brought down a pole and some wires in the roadway so they're doing the clean up and the repairs and and that's what they have to finish until they can reopen the roadway seven loves road near wooden parkway had been under police direction for the crash so watch for any response still there in Virginia east and westbound sixty six running well no problems along the George Washington parkway for the moment southbound ninety five the only slow point is at a lower net across the Oct one three ninety five running well Fairfax county parkway north bound over top of I ninety five that was a report of a crash if you're in the district is the east bound freeway in a delay from the case bridge towards third street tunnel where there should be some work taking the lane southbound DC two ninety five heavy from boroughs passed these capital street and north bound flows passing Pennsylvania Avenue the advantage program from a plus service experts means worry free heating and cooling for one low monthly rates never a penny more call eight six six experts or eight plus a dash HVAC dot com for license details I read a counselor WTOP traffic sunny and cold out there on this Friday afternoon high temperatures warming to around forty degrees so about five to ten degrees below normal and with a bit of a breeze I'm tracking wind chill temperatures only.

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