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At the family business and then at a younger brother who played imposed in montana who is twenty one now and he uh played junior and boesman and then i gotta stepbrother who's playing division three hockey right now he's a goalie and he's twenty two um and then i got a step stepbrother who is sixteen and he's playing quoque hey high school hockey uh get old minnesota connection there and then i got to step sister who did play hockey but she's at fashion school and at the university of minnesota and then i am twenty two so i'm the middle one and i played hockey corpus christi so we're a busy busy busy family so weston you're from minnesota or at least bio says your from minnesota in one of the most epic things in all of hockey is the minnesota high school hair hockey team have you ever wanted to be a part of that or were you ever a part of that y'all in what might be a part of it now we can accomplish it just because we had to deal with the out with some very good high school teams in our section like duluth east uh up in the north there and grand rapids where you have a lotta top players uh you know play um in the best teams in the nation like we have a bunch of guys university invesco maha you know university minnesota duluth up there uh north dakota so we only had three college commits on her game and then everyone else was about six or seven so uh you know it was just a dream for me to be on a hockey here team just because the way it set up in all houses see termination i didn't organize the whole minnesota connection uh when i when i mean that is all the missile to high school hockey teams all the minnesota uh fan various uh comes in watches uh you know there's twenty thousand people at the st miss so say high school he chairman in two honestly the best feeling ever just go watch high school iraqi you you mentioned that you brothers in the family business what's the family business how we distribute alcohol so we're we're the middle man i go we we uh we get um alcohol from uh you know the the corporate and the.

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