Judge Agrees To Allow Boston Cities, Towns More Time To Count Ballots


C TVs and a red, It's Rodriguez says A judge has approved a request from Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Gal very communities Franklin knew and Wellesley will get more time to count mail in ballots, but they'll have to do it in a public setting. Tomorrow. Secretary's office is working on those plans right now. These ballots all arrived in the clerk's office is on time. But they weren't counted by midnight. Both talking claws and normal said that they're willing to wait and we spoke with an election lawyer today, who said Massachusetts law is so restrictive. Galvin had to step in. This type of of involvement is to allow the process to be completed and in a fair and appropriate way. Certainly every election official wants to ensure that all those that were properly returned are counted. So began tonight. The race down to the wire between more melon talking Kloss, the winner will face Republican Julie Hall and Air Force vet who won the GOP primary last night.

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