Germany promises Elon Musk full support to get Tesla's Berlin plant ready


Moving onto the stock, then volatile day for the Nasdaq and for Tesla Tesla finished down five point eight percent on the day to four hundred and forty seven dollars thirty seven cents. So just a bit above where the split happened at around four forty two but that did compared to the Nasdaq finishing up one percent today. So this provides a good illustration of the potential downsides of the at the market structure that Tesla has employed for this potential up to five. Billion, dollar capillaries that we had talked about yesterday. The stock is now down about ten percent from when that agreement was put in place, which demonstrates the risk of not just raising at that fixed price at the time. Of course, with the structure, you have to be comfortable with that risk and presumably not wanting to raise that money badly enough to do it at a lower price and status giving yourself the option if the price stays at that level or goes. Hi. I'm not sure currently on whether we get any sort of updates or when we get updates on whether or not Tesla has issued new shares as a part of that equity distribution agreement. So I'll try to do a little bit more digging on that but if anyone has the insight on that, please let me know for now though because the stock has fallen would be surprised if they have acted on that and issued any new shares we did have just. A couple of pieces of news specifically related to the stock today one is from significant Tesla investor Baillie Gifford. An investment firm that has for a long time held greater than five percent of the outstanding shares up Tesla stock that five percent level requires additional disclosures around trades with the SEC. So in an SEC, filing baillie Gifford has disclosed that their ownership stake in. Tesla has dropped below five percent of the company. I would assume the selling has been happening for. As has been dramatically rising, of course. So for firms that already had a significant portion of their portfolios in Tesla, it just becomes too overweight and they end up trimming it back to add more diversification to their portfolio. See the same sort of stuff from our best Baillie differed managing partner James Anderson said quote. The substantial increase in share price means that we needed to reduce our holding in order to reflect concentration guidelines which restrict the weight of a single stock in clans portfolios. However, we intend to remain significant shareholders for many years. Ahead, we remain very optimistic. About the future of the company, Tesla no longer faces any difficulty in raising capital at scale from outside sources, but should there be serious setbacks and share price. We would welcome the opportunity to once again increase our shareholding. We are privileged to have been decimals largest external shareholder over a period for the development of the company. We are mentally grateful for the extraordinary efforts and achievements of Tesla and driving forward a transportation and energy revolution in the face of persistent skepticism and often downright hostility without tussles efforts. The possibility of hurting climate disaster would have been significantly reduced and. So pretty strong statement there from Anderson I think safe to say that Baillie Gifford is not reducing their position Tesla due to any perceived weakness in the company rather just their funds management structure. In other news on the SOX Today Bank of America analyst Jon Murphy has increased his price target from three hundred, fifty dollars per share to five hundred and fifty dollars per share I believe that the second highest now on the street in terms of a base case Murphy noted the strength into the underlying business that the high stock price affords. Tesla. Saying that it creates A. Positive feedback loop due to the low cost of capital that Tesla has available to it. Through follow on offerings I would definitely agree with that positive feedback loop that helps Tesla not only raise capital, but it should help them get better terms on debt perceived strength of the business by the market can help desolate negotiations with suppliers. Again, especially, help confidence in customers Tesla's can exist going. Forward to service their vehicles, if they do decide to purchase and hey, it's probably helped a lot of investors be able to afford the product, which is also not a bad thing i. think the downside is that with a high stock price, there's potentially less upside available. So it can be a little bit more difficult to acquire talented recruit talent because you don't really have that one. Hundred X upside in the stock anymore like you might add twenty billion or thirty billion. There are offsets to that too though of course, some of that reduced upside comes alongside reduced risk, which is also important in making career decisions anyway back to the Bank of America note, despite the two hundred dollar price target increased to five fifty Murphy does maintain a neutral rating on the stock. Last thing today's quick update on a musk being in Germany. As we said earlier this week he's there for Giga Berlin meetings as well as with cure vac and Bloomberg has shared a couple updates from those Giga Berlin meetings according to Bloomberg. Meyer who is the German? Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy told musk quote. We are very proud of your car plant and Brandenburg and we wish you good luck with that. You'll have every assistance you need and. Bloomberg also notes that construction thus far has progressed relatively smoothly I think we're all pretty aware of that and they write quote a summer twenty, twenty, one production start is still the goal Brandenburg's premier Dima Vodka said in an email statement and.

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