OG Anunoby's buzzer beater lifts Raptors over Celtics


I thought it was about to be midnight for the rafters last night you're down to you lose that game no teams ever overcome through ever in the NBA playoffs in a best of seven but Jay in three point shooting League wouldn't it? Data three, by a guy that had just a dozen points comes through and suddenly. Whole, the Raptors are finished somebody else will be the champs suddenly cut right in half third straight night that the NBA has delivered an absolute. Awesome. Stunning finish miscommunication by the Boston Celtics is wide jalen Brown was pissed off Jason Tatum. Yeah Jason Tatum. You're supposed to switching everything you're switching when you actually get screened is what they were doing and Jason Tatum for some reason I don't know if they were in his own or if they're a man to man, it seemed like they were in a man to man. And tatum didn't get screened and just pointed opposite side. Nobody was man and Toronto. Now, all of a sudden is in the series to two one man Taco should jump go do something Taco wave your arms seven. No. He was waving his arms but I thought he should have jumped. You know jump up and down and waving. He was able to get that ball over there in straight shocks I mean look there's norms zones up. Catch and shoot perfect. He pushed at the to the mass was incredible though I mean to pass. It was a Tom Brady pass from Kyle lowry over the wings eight four Wingspan of seven six TACO fall right in the pocket of og on OBI. That's incredible in indeed it was ten fifty tsn there on the call

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