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Coming up on the ultimate health podcast. I. Believe that we those of us who got sick with chronic illness is because we are being called to wake up deeper being called to wake up to who we are in our heart, our soul, our spirit, and maybe somewhere along the way we got out of alignment with what we came here to do not. Okay. That's part of the human journey. So finding the modality that helps us, he'll and helps us reel line with who we are i. that's what it's all about. Hello and welcome see autumn it all podcast episode three, hundred, Sixty, eight, I'm Jesse Chapas and I'm here to take your health the next level each week, bring you inspiring and informative conversations about health and wellness covering topics of nutrition lifestyle fitness mindset in so much more. In this week, Jordan younger all practice back on the show. She's the blogger behind the top red spirituality and wellness plugged the balanced blonde. She covers all things wellness high vibration living the plant based lifestyle healing from chronic illness tapping into your creativity in psychic nature and so much more beyond the blog. She is the Creator and host of the top podcast. So on fire where she goes deep on a range of topics from nutrition to aliens entrepreneurship to medium ship, and it's been about three years since Jordan? Has Been on the show and a ton has happened in her life. Last time she was on the show we were discussing her book breaking Vegan. So she went from Vegan to no longer Vegan, and since she was on the show, she has now Vegan again and we get into that she's had a wedding she was diagnosed with lyme disease and so much more. We had time to catch up on and just really appreciate Jordan's Rawness surrealness and the depth she goes into sharing her story on today show. Some of the highlights, include her soul searching trip to Bali where she hit rock bottom the overwhelming truth about lyme disease in co-infections microdosing suicide been for chronic pain how psychedelics have helped. Jordan the most healing journey and how water fasting cleanses the body. I really enjoyed this conversation and I know you will too and I'd appreciate if you could help spread the word share this with somebody in your life, a friend, a family member there is so much great information and inspiration here spread the good word. Thank you so much here I go with Jordan Younger Albrecht. Jordan welcome back to the podcast how you doing had. Jesse. Thank you so much for having me back. I'm doing really well, I'm excited to talk to you today I'm excited to chat with you too. It's I went and looked back at our previous episode. We did with Marnie there and it's been years. So a long time and a lot has happened in both our world. So back when we did that last episode, you weren't married now you're married, you've had a new diagnosis lyme disease and you're back on the Vegan Diet. So lots we can get into. Yeah. Life has changed a lot. I remember recording that with you. Guys in my old apartment where I lived alone with my cat and life has certainly changed quite a bit since then we'll at that time we did that recording it seem like your health was in a pretty good place for a timeline point here let's let's talk about where your health was at at that time. Yeah. So I may have thought my health was maybe in a good place, but it was around that time. I'm trying to think around three years ago. Exactly is when my health started to decline and really take Depp I think when we talked may have been maybe the very end of me feeling pretty good and. Then I started to experience different symptoms like full body hives I had a uterine cyber ahead which I ended up having surgically removed. I started to be very chronically fatigued, but I do believe when we last spoke I was still holding onto the final shreds of feeling good or saw it and then yeah things kind of exploded from there. So toward the end of twenty, what would this have been twenty would have been twenty seventeen that we chatted. Yeah. Toward the middle to the end of twenty seventeen is when these health issues started popping up and I was very confused about all ams and what was going on and. At the time it didn't even cross my mind that all of these health issues could be intertwined and could have the same root cause thought my entire body was just breaking down bit by bit and piece by piece, and ultimately what I finally did realize the following year that this was all the same root cause similar root cause and I was diagnosed with lyme disease then I realized okay. The hives, the fatigue, the brain fog lack of energy. The fiber that I had hormone imbalances got issues. All of this could be drawn back to lyme disease switch ended up being a chronic lyme disease diagnosis meaning that I had had my. For, at least a year. But when I look back on my life, it seems that I actually had lyme for more like both likely a decade dot was a pretty wild time in my life and I'm sure we'll get into all the details, but I've been treated for the last two and a half years and it's been quite a journey. So after we talked and the symptoms started to creep up on you what was. The first step you did before getting diagnosed, did you were you already seeing a doctor at that time that you brought these issues up to or did you find a new doctor? What did the path look like to getting that diagnosis? So I was seeing a few different doctors at that time I've always geared toward a more holistic approach. So I was seeing a functional medicine doctor which really combines Western and eastern medicine practices. I went to my functional medicine doctor and he really didn't know what was going on. He saw the hives that I had all over my body which were so itchy. So terrible. So read they lasted for ten months and during that time I couldn't even sleep at night because I was so itchy I was in so much pain. It covered every single inch of my body except for my face. And my feet actually it was on my face to just not as bad as the rest of my body

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