Beware of Sex Trafficking Rings - They Are Everywhere


I want to say something about you talking about things going on the world just how crazy this is. For those who don't know, Roelant is like a child she's like one of our other kids and. Roelant posted on her social media story today. And I just after read it because it to me is like holy cow. This was what she said. And, this was sent from a friend of hers. My sorority sister a GAL named courtney who lives in Nashville has a friend who took a mint from her uber driver the other night it was wrapped up just like a white lifesaver. She started to feel weird. So she text her mom she woke up in a warehouse close to the Nashville. Airport in a sex trafficking ring. Her iphone location was shared with her mother. So the police were able to track her. The Girls Okay and And she's the one who told Courtney what happened so this isn't some friend of a friend of a friend bs this horrific and scary stuff happen. Don't take minutes even if they're wrapped in cellophane as they had as if they hadn't been touched and just don't take anything and. Don't be in an uber by yourself. You know. Thank God this girl is okay physically I'm sure emotionally. Amin. Going, to take a long time for her to heal from this, but how scary is that? It's crazy. It's crazy. I mean in Nashville because people think Oh, you're in Nashville you know it's very say fits. Your small town still. That to me. Is So. Scary. But the good thing was was that the police rebelled attract her because she shared locations with her mother, which is something that our kids have fought back on nosy. You just want to know where I M, etc.. I hope for you parents that are listening that you share this story with with your kids. To know that it's not about being nosy it's about keeping them safe and if your kid out here, if you're a teenager if you're a young adult share your location with someone. So that somebody knows where you are and can get to because folks. Delicious. Be honest this probably saved this girl's life. Because her mother was able to get the police the information to track her phone. It's it's just crazy and and you know I do have you know the locations of our children? And of you and you know my mother and we do all know where each other we're. We're all located. So you know I mean it helps me to sleep at night knowing that I can track and you know if Savannah is out traveling if she even though even those are stuff is booked privately and you know with a car service literally when she they pull up, she takes a picture of the tag on the car. and. She sends me the picture of that and then she puts her location to where I can track it as she's literally going down the highway. So we do stay on top of it as much as we can. But for those of you who are not who don't maybe have a parent or someone that you're sharing your location with take your own safety into your hands. Do not be foolish. Do not be stupid. It's just right. You got one life. Yeah, and it's you know I think we get. We get very comfortable. You know because we're like our we're not in Atlanta or Miami or la where you know these things happen in other places this is right here. I mean you're talking about twenty minutes from where I lay ahead at. A sex trafficking ring twenty minutes from where match children live that to me is scary and the only way that we're going to stop this is we have to continue talking about it. We have to be vigilant and take care of. Each other

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