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The the rise as these things were starting to come together in in June that's when the attacks started for that were paid for by. high priced political consultants hired by the Democratic Party. And so I started getting a ton of requests from various news agencies and at Cetera, and even though I had worked closely and been a huge supporter of the US intelligence community for a long time I really It was an escalating series of attacks over the months and years that followed and I realized that you know a lot was at stake and I needed to figure out a way to survive it in essence. A LOT A, lot of. Interrelated Dynamics. Within. But kind of moving. Or Big picture perspective. Yeah. So basically what it boils down to is that you targeted because you had the air quotes audacity closed air quote to support Donald Trump for president. Now, your role was as a foreign policy adviser to the campaign it was fairly minor wasn't So Minor I. Mean it was you know there are there are a lot of various working groups and committees written any campaign I I actually was just a junior unpaid volunteer of a growing foreign policy and national security

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