Rejuvenation and Propagation With Ken Druse


I called you the other day and I'm like Oh, it's a mess everything. So overgrown and I'm telling you about my call is that's taken the. Anna's hip in the Salvia swamped by the whatever and you're laughing at me and so. What's the time for can? Besides facelifts. But just just because you aren't having guests visit doesn't mean you let the whole thing go to pot. Or you're thoughts go to pot. He's GonNa Discipline Me I publicly out loud on the radio. You said, you're pinching things so they get kind of thicker but. You May. It may be time to cut stuff back I. Guess I'm I'm using a modest sounding verb but yeah, you're right some cutbacks will you I have these big balls you've been here and you know people who visited if seen them through like big low terra cotta bowls on the patio and other places they're kind of you know and I group smaller pots around them but they're they're sort of the big statement centerpiece things for my annuals usually and and you know. Not. Everything grows at the same rate and put it all in when it's small, you know little things from the garden center but then something's grow more lushly than others and so like the Coleus, for instance. 'cause you know. Yeah. When you're cutting those Coleus bag you you mentioned that you could route them in water. You can also in some situations, just stick them back in the same container if you've got space and then that'll get even more lush and full without hanging over and losing its Bottomley's and stuff. Because, when you when you pinch or break off that parent plant branch and you'll get more leaves on that one, and then you have these pieces that you can either sticking or route in water or I like to use per light. Okay. So containers with like a pot of per light. SMALLPO- of per light and. Moist in the per light Tampa down really hard that really seems to help, and then I drill a hole in the per like with a pencil and sticking my cutting and firm the per light back around the cut and again, and you want to remove a couple of bottom leaves of the cutting the cuttings about. Four to six nodes long. So it's depending on the type of plant. Three to five inches long and some some plant. Coleus. Might route and two to four weeks. Then you have a new plant with roots and you carefully pry it out of the per light or in the case of water, you want to move it when the roots are less than an inch and a half long and sometimes roots made him water have a little trouble adjusting to a lower oxygen or higher oxygen medium. But anyway, you can stick them back in the same container that you took them from or just what you need Margaret. Another container of Coleus definitely need that. That's absolutely what I need. 'cause I'm doing such a good job managing the ones that I have this year. But seriously it has been kind of an epicure in the sense of We all are realities are changed Completely you know our patterns of life are changed. I mean, I'm stating the obvious and and on top of that in our region and many other regions, there's been severe weather so we have had. I've had almost no rain until a hurricane in fact, I should ask you how did you do during the hurricane that was just a couple of days ago I had a couple of inches of rain. Outages Day or two but not. Terrible terrible like many areas nearby had much. No, you were praying for rain. Also, a lot of areas they're still places New Jersey that don't have electricity. We lost power for almost twenty four hours. But we had five and a half inches of rain, and then that's stopped and then the wind came in the wind was really a lot of wind but. Knock would not trees and I've got tree did trees here. So I thought Oh that's GonNa be something there was there was one stick about four and a half feet long from the ash tree that was stuck into the lawn straight up. It's always funny when that happens in a big storm when it's also like spear gets thrown and it yeah, it really lands like right as if someone. INSERTED. It with with force while someone did. Yeah. Now, I had a couple of inches of rain and ninety. I keep saying to myself is this whole year? The theme weatherwise has been it never rains, but it pours it won't rain for a month practically and then we get the torrential gully washers. It's almost no rain. Yeah. Half. An hour of tons of you know you think finally and then it turns out it's dry under the trees sometimes. And you got to listen to half an inch but I was thinking about what we were talking about just before if you make a new plant and you potter it up of Coleus or a sweet potato vine or Begonia. You can carry. You can try to carry that over in a very sunny window inside and by March that's probably not going to be a very pretty plant, but you can cut that back and it'll make new growth and then make cuttings of the new growth and you can save a lot of money because you can use that to fill your those cuttings to fill your containers.

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