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GotTa ask you this are you a rule worshiper more a rule breaker? Now. Sometimes rules are good things, right Anytime you live in a society and you have more than one person in a room, you to have some agreements agreements about how you're going to behave so that you're consistent with principles of fairness, equality goodness and kindness, and all that sort of stuff. But sometimes rules are created for to less than noble reasons at least that I can think of number one is an abundance of caution. Never to is control. The stock about the first one. When they build ladders. The tell you that the maximum load is some number two hundred pounds. But the latter is actually rated for three times that weight or more. Why An abundance of caution. The chances that the latter will break failed under a two hundred pound load is so statistically small that the people who make it feel protected from liability. Worth the latter actually breaks testing two hundred and fifty pounds. Two hundred I mean, the average consumer will be like well, I'm to twenty. Is it really that big of a difference in getting really close to that failure point and as we all know? Doesn't matter warnings you put on something. You. Get on a ladder and the latter breaks somewhere. Somehow there's going to be a lawsuit. So when I think of rules that we should invalidate. It tends to be the ones that are created out of an abundance of caution. We have to be careful. But every now, and again, we have some flexibility. We can been twist some of those rules. I don't mean safety rules. But I mean some of the customs and procedures that we cling to because we believe that we must we never asked the question how come. As, people were not terribly good at questioning authority. Are We? But as a bad ass, we need to get. Good added now, the rule that I want you to consider breaking. His any rule that is created and enforced out of a sense of control. See Right now we're experiencing a culture of more and more work from home and that means more and more autonomy, and one of the things you need to understand is that people who are only comfortable if they can control other people. Are Not going to be very comfortable with that. So they start finding ways to justify for example. Monitoring behavior insisting that people be on camera or are punching time clocks every five minutes or twenty minutes to make sure that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. Rather than trusting teams and individuals to do the job that they're paid to do. And here's the truth. Tell me if you agree raise your hand. The more you try to enforce those rules, the more controls that you put in place. The harder sneaky ones will work to circumvent those rules. A way you're creating more of your own waste, but the real reason for me. To resist and Ben. Those rules. Simply because I don't agree with them. If you want to manage work. That's one thing. But if you want to manage people that's different. If you think you need to control where people said when they show up. What they touch and win who they talk to where they go. Then you're wrong. If nothing else you just you don't trust people. You assume the worst and everybody when you assume the worst in everybody but you failed to Crete and engaged happy culture you've no one to blame but yourself I go so far as to see your foolish for expecting anything other than a culture of mistrust unhappiness and I can't wait till I find another job. So I can get out of this thing can place. If, you're a manager you need to control and monitor people that badly you should be trying to figure out what's wrong with you. Because you can't own anybody, you can't control. You can't dictate people. Kiko around reading people, social media trying to break into their personal accounts, dig into their personal lives in catch them doing something wrong. You're not the government. You know the Secret Service hundred years ago we didn't have this technology and you certainly didn't have the permission. To breach people's private boundaries so that you could have more info and companies got along just fine. We Still Bill Trains and grew in shipped food and ran restaurants and. Everything that needed to get done got done. I've been going heavy on rules around people the social. Agreements. The employer employee relationship it really breaking rules applies to everything. If you're writing code because this is the way the textbook says you have to you might be missing an opportunity to innovate. To break through a performance barrier to create a template that could save time and money. We're just to make the act of developing stuff more freeing more fun. Listening to all this sounds like Voodoo to you. The ramblings of a madman let me tell you this. Name. One person who invented something that you like? That you enjoy what you use the changed, the world that changed your life. Something that enlightens you. Who did it? By playing it safe, following the rules of convention and by refusing to break the accepted norms. Think about it. You can't do it Kenya. Thought.

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