Biden VP Search Narrows to Kamala Harris: Does She Want the Job?


Democratic presidential nominee of Vice President Joe Biden could reportedly announced his pick for a running mate as soon as this week. California Senator Kamala Harris. API appears to be one of the leading candidates, but some are questioning if she AH wants to take the job or not for more key CBS News anchor Dan Mitchinson spoke with Carla Marinucci. Senior writer for Politico California playbook. Carla. What do you think? First of all, Do you think this could be Harris there? Even in the last days, Vegas betting circled at this point. Dan is being number one on Joe Biden's list. Who knows how that's gonna play out? But the fact is that Kamala Harris has been mentioned before. For other Possibilities in the administration, including attorney general, including possibly a nominee for the Supreme Court. Obama and during the Obama administration, she was reportedly asked if she wanted to be attorney general. She turned that down on the issue of the Supreme Court. She said She wanted to run for Senate at the time. But times have changed, And perhaps she might have changed her mind. She's getting advice from some Democrats that she might consider turning down the VP job because the attorney general job at this point could be more consequential. Willie Brown, who former San Francisco mayor said in his column on Sunday that he thought, uh, right right now, there's nobody left important than the vice president. I mean, as he said, Ask Mike Pence so that nobody thinks the vice president is a really influential job. But the attorney general, ah could have a long to do list ahead and that could include prosecuting Trump in the trump family law enforcement reform, Other issues related tio inspector generals and other things that the Trump administration has done and Democrats I think may be cheering that on, so we'll see how it plays out. But certainly Kamala Harris has a lot of different possibilities. But right now it looks like she may be at the top of the list or very close to it when it comes to Joe Biden, vice presidential nominee, But let me ask you this. I mean, Biden is gonna have a lot of California locked in the rest of the country, not necessarily a big fan of our state. Do you think a VP from here would hurt or help him then? That's been a debate Janet, But the fact is Kamala Harris has huge name recognition in the rest of the country. The You don't want the advice presidential nominee to do any harm. But in commonly Harrison's case, she could help in helping deliver some of those states where you need to rev up the Democratic base of progressive base. She had those followers right. She had a presidential campaign that brought her to all of those swing states. And so many voters know her out there more than some of the other women on the list. That doesn't mean, however, that people like Karen Bass, perhaps the House member from Los Angeles, Uh, Susan Rice, former ambassador and Tammy Duckworth's, uh, the senator from Illinois who is highly thought of this well couldn't be part of the mix as well. But how tough would this be for not only Biden but for Harris if she decides to run in four years if Biden's only in there for one or even in eight to move into the White House when we have a pandemic going on, and an economic recession? Yeah, you've actually hit on it and that some of the reasons why we've heard some doubts about Kamala Harris being mentioned the fact that she's ambitious. She clearly wants to run for president in some point And the go by in vice presidential nominee is in effect giving a leg up to whoever wants to do that It is effective primary in a way for the for the next presidential contest. Many Democrats would believe that that May hurt Joe Biden in some respects because they may want not wantto help. Comma. Harris is much when it comes to pushing legislation in Washington because they won't want to advance her chances. There's going to be a lot of Democrats who want to run for president, Uh, in 2024. So at this point, Yeah, Connell, Harris and her future plans and her future ambitions have all been part of the mix. It's why some Democrats say she may be the best choice for Joe Biden. Alright, Gotta run real quick. Will she be offered the the VP, And if she is, will she take it? He'll take it if she's offered, Will she be offered? That's the $1,000,000 question right now. That's Carla Marinucci, senior writer for political Oh California playbook.

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