Will Gus get Botulism? - #611


Pickle. Pickle. Listen Kirk. Durable troll doll. I think I'M GONNA quest to look more and more of a prick each week. And I think. All time high today. where? Too early with a man born, may I mean it doesn't the it's hard to see with the headphones but the sides art long enough to go in. So they just whip out the sides. Which which which edge of the headphones? So they supposed is the top bun supposed to poke out. Front of the back front or Monica out the back because at the moment. Down the middle. Tahoe. By like if you put the headphones on it and then make a bunch over the headphone so it's just has been in between it. That's definitely the correct way to do it. That's next week. That's what we do. So then you go to take off your headphones but they're stuck in your. Guarantee. You sleep with them. You just keep them. They're just part of your life. You just always have headphones on headphones Aba h an extra backwards. Nature they're not on backwards. A little bit of housekeeping before we get to deepen as a podcast we have. Someone's cracking open a cold one. We have a special segment at the end of the podcast. This week we get, we're lucky to do an interview with the Stevo. We've got a chance to talk with him. So we'll stay tuned at the end of the podcast we'll. We'll. We'll have that here. So just letting you know right now so you don't you don't. Leave you know. Who Don't know who Stevo is? There's no way. That seems impossible is now I feel like I mean we have a wide range of people in our audience especially in ages. So I wonder if like people maybe a little younger don't know jackass or Stevo or. Grew well, they will soon enough. He's like he's like one of those people who just one name. Yeah we. discussed. Say Yeah I. Think I said Madonna 'cause I'm going to cross. Reference Well, yeah. Like beyond say is the kids would say. I. Said this in the thing but I grew up watching him I remember specifically. When he did. What he went off the high dive wearing stilts just thinking to myself. That is the most dangerous thing I've ever seen in my life. And it was at the time I mean obviously people have done. Crazy, shit on the Internet because it's harder, it's easy to get access now but that was a nut stunt. Didn't chat is just catching up with US talking about and literally it's half and half of you all the so cool and who He was one of the people on Jackass, which is an old show on him. He's done way more sense than he did a bunch of other TV shows and. We talk about some of his past projects in interviews, you check it out. Maybe Google, and you'll earn what a Stevo is. Ask Your parents. A, it was a super cool to talk to him and. Really, really I think it's I. Think it was it turned out really interesting. So stay tuned that is commonly don't WanNa don't WanNA spoil too much about that. So podcast this week. So we had a game that we had queued up last week that we wanted to play, but we didn't get to it. I'm hoping that we have time to get to it this week. Right now right. I was going to get the pickles but I guess why? Let's. Pickles game hearing about is a holiday vacation which I'm sure some stuff happened. There's there's three different options we have here. Do this. No, you botulism. So have you had any at Gus. No it smells good. It's mostly pickles. So this is the first book. I. Don't WanNA I don't WANNA, get my hands all pickle juicy. What is that in the middle looks like a pickle? Did you make these gusts are these pickles? Is that thing to keep the pickle submerged was that? You it's so that they didn't float up to the top put Top of fuel canister in. Turkey. There was a stone on top of it too but I think the stone fell off. So it must be on the bottom of the somewhere die that thing yellowish green or was it that color before it was a color already? Okay. You're going to start the US G. Fuel Flavor. Pickle juice. Right it's a little soggy. It's Christmas I would have hoped. It doesn't have the same player I guess because it's vinegar a saltwater water I did A. A Saltwater Brian, which is the all the way making pickles. It doesn't taste like a pickle I've ever had before definitely has a dill flavor, but it's missing that. The vinegar aspect. Isn't that what you didn't include vinegar right there is the ability to include it and you just chose not to. Take from this is that the ingredient you didn't put in isn't How it's different. It doesn't like even though saltwater. Brine pickling it doesn't taste like super salty. It doesn't taste that different than an oil pickle just know vinegar aspect. Dill and garlic in there. So I mean it tastes like a Piccolo normally it's just. To a pickle or a cucumber in taste is definitely a pickle. Cucumber I would spit it out immediately. Finished that whole. Cucumbers it's actually really good. I'm no longer. Feel like dangerous statement if you if you hate cucumbers. If you'd like pickles you don't hit cucumbers I think that's that's a rule the taste totally different. You can't argue with me. You cannot tell me that pickled cucumber you're a fool if you think. Ever likes cucumber but doesn't like pickle. I'm not big on a pickled cucumber cucumber, but still it's the same thing. Can You? You can pickle everything right? You pick a lots of things. Barbara, asked me to pickle banana for her. How I haven't done it yet. So I was waiting to just pickles first see how it turned out. So Chris. You weren't here when I first talked about pickles but the people in the community kept telling me that the big danger. Is that if you didn't sanitize properly, you can give yourself botulism. So. That's why you the pickle now to make sure that it's safe and I gotta do this before I start pickling making things for other people. Is. Them. Makes you shit yourself to death like pretty much? Yeah. It's a shitty death. Literally I was told it's not always fatal. I think you can. You can overcome it but I don't WanNa, go to the hospital as a different to distance dysentery. This Terry's, from not getting enough

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