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Hi Chris. This is Angie Cheung from Los Angeles California I've been listening to the show for about a year. Now it's really helped catalyze the launch of my recent stem coloring book for kids regarding Cell Biology. My question is regarding how to get over feeling someone like a woman or a salesman to your personal network. To be more specific. I. Love My Day job as a by medical engineering professor and I would never give it up having said that I wanted to channel extra entrepreneurial energy. Along the way to completing the coloring book, I knew the best way to start would be to advertise existing network of scientists as other moms. However, I didn't WanNa feel to sales and hence awkward to people that out regularly run into. When the coloring book was right around finished Cova nineteen became a pandemic. And so I launched a coloring book. On Amazon an F. C. thinking, he can be a great homeschooling resource for parents during this time and with all proceeds donated to the CDC both of which were great goose for me to pull the trigger in goal I as the attention was not focused on my own personal gain. I feel like others could struggle with this internal conflict as well and I was wondering if you had any insight and recommendations on how to introduce your side hustle to your current network. Thanks love your show, and hope you're seeing Steve By. When she thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for calling in. Congratulations on launching your project, a stem coloring book for kids about cell. Biology. This is so cool I went to take a look listeners if you wanna see it checkout coloring book, just go search for her shop a little science on Oetzi. So if you're on dot com search for her shop a little science, the title of the coloring book itself is a little cell biology which by the way side note great way to. Set yourself up for a series, right? Because the brand is a little science and then you've got the first coloring book a Little Cell Biology. I'm not a scientist but I would imagine there are some further topics she could explore in future books. Okay. And then one more side note she mentioned when she mentioned that her all proceeds are to the CDC. During this time so actually alluded to that kind of obvious some of our concern about feeling sales like it's easier to promote something that you've made if the proceeds going to charity. But I think it's helpful for this conversation to not assume that you're getting your profits to charity because ultimately it's great that she's doing that but. I want to be able to make a profit. So assuming you have made something that you're selling for a profit. I think it's best for your friends and family to be more of a support network than a lead generation tool like your friends and family are not necessarily going to be your client base. But there is a lot that they can still do to help some of them may choose to buy from you just they want to help. I send my a free copy of my book, of course when it comes out but then she goes and buys more herself, which is amazing. Thank you. Mom I'm that's different than asking them to buy it. I'm not sending mom emails, Sake, will you buy my book? You know but what you want their help with whether it's your mom or somebody else in your support network is in becoming an ambassador if you have a lot of people in your network. Does who actually kind of do meet the target market for this project well, they probably do as well. and. So you're looking for a network effect here. You might even proactively offer to send them a free copy you know either for their kids their parent or for nieces and nephews for somebody else that they know. So often your friends and family will be very active in promoting you in a way that you might not want to do because you're concerned about being sales which I understand. But. If it's your friend, you know just think about it from the other perspective. Imagine that that your friend, your scientists and your friend has has created this coloring book and you look at it and you're like, wow, this is really cool. You know of course I'm going to help I'm post about it. I'm going to tell other people about it and I'm not really selling anything because I'm just talking about my friend. Okay. So again, I, think you're looking for a network effect from your network, not necessarily trying to sell to your network especially for a low priced product like a coloring book I do. The same with my books, like I have a lot of author friends and when they have a book coming out they, they will often send me an advance copy and they're not really asking me to go and buy more copies even though sometimes I do just because I want to support them they're asking for my help you know if it's a good fit to introduce this book to readers, and of course, I do the same thing when I have about coming out. So I think that's what you're looking for in terms of that network of friends and family the network and the fact of becoming an ambassador.

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