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From my hometown between Buffalo and Rochester New York from the time I was in elementary school. My parents best friend was a sheriff who apparently didn't filter his stories around children. I was finally inspired to look it up after listening to dozens of hometown. Your podcast that has been getting me through this pandemic anyway. Here's the story in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seven, the. The police were called to a domestic where a man named Joe. Slum, was threatening to kill his girlfriend and her two kids. He had a pillow over the face of a newborn and the night to the baby's chest, and wasn't following orders from the responding officer to drop both items. The officer said after the fact he was right about shoot them because the baby was dying when Joe, finally did drop both and was arrested when they began questioning him. He admitted that he'd murdered. Murdered a woman, they initially didn't believe him. They weren't missing any per. There weren't any missing persons cases open at the time, but when they searched the name of the woman Pam Smith they found that she missed a court date a few years before and began to believe him. He explained that he'd hitter in the head with a rock and strangled with a cord, and then buried her under the floorboards of the friendly Motel When they went to the motel, he showed them the. The Room. He stepped on the floorboards to prove they made a squeaking sound and sure enough. She was under the motel. FLOORBOARDS FUCK! This sounds like a book I know easy. He was sentenced to seventeen years to life at Auburn. State prison and has since died in prison. I believe. Her family never reported her missing because they thought she'd gone to Texas I'm sure you're wondering. How did no one notice the smell well? The motel owner explained that heat assumed the resident Boa constrictor. The residents Boa constrictor had gotten loose and somehow produce exact smell of a body to can totally normal I'd always heard this story happened on Prom night, but since he was twenty five, and he'd kills her when she was nineteen than I think that was an embellishment. It's crazy to think that if the officer had shot Joe, they may never have found pam anyway. Thanks for all you do. It's nice to hear other voices besides your husband's during corn team every now and again, even if you love him very much, stay sexy in stay away from those empty side of the road motels because there is a body under the floorboards Rebecca has everything that. had. That's crazy. I think we can we? Can we get behind stopping the? The the what's the process of not believing someone? When they said that they killed someone and being like well, we don't have anyone missing around in this fucking neck of the woods would. There's no. There's no hungry. Boa constrictors anywhere near here, so let's narrow. COVINGTON. That rationale is like you're definitely. That's that's like I. Don't WanNa do anymore. constrictor excuse yeah so. This one's just called small town. Hello Ladies. I've been meaning to get this story down for a while and you've given me the perfect reason to get it done I work at a nursery and spend many hours of my day alone, so I usually bring you with me and Thank you by the way you're fucking Hilarious, so here's my story. When I was five I was in daycare with my siblings at my aunt Judy's house. She was no real relation. Just a close friend. Everyone's an aunt anyway. She watched quite a few kids and one of. Of them was her husband's nephew. He always brought a yellow duffle bag full of toy guns. One day we were playing by the pool while Judy was in the House on one of her incredibly long phone calls. The nephew told me to kiss him and I refused he kept bugging me, and I eventually gave him the five year old version of go fuck yourself pal, at which point he got upset and pulled his Dad's Pearl handled twenty two caliber pistol at the yellow duffle bag and put it up to my forehead. These kids five by the way. My older sister saw this all go down and ran into the house, screaming for help in my quote, aunt proceeded to chew her ass out for interrupting her. The sounds like some that could have happened in either childhoods right. It absolutely did happen in mind. Meanwhile Standard Fare, mom on phone behavior mom's phone urine, you might. Not, survive, this young, while outside I, am still refusing to kiss the little creep, and my sister comes back out just in time to watch him pull the trigger. The gun was loaded and it and it did fire. Only reason I'm alive is because a bullet jammed in the chamber. Needless to say, the sound of the gun got that bitch off her phone. Aunt Judy. My mother somehow managed not to beat her up and the kid moved to California that week with his family. Oh Jesus. They're out of there I. BELIEVE I heard a rumor a couple years later that he ended up killing his younger brother. No I won't include the details fortunately for me I block the entire incident out and have no recollection of it at all. However, my poor sister was never the afterwards of course. Stay sexy and keep your guns locked the fuck up crystal I. Mean that is cautionary tale after cautionary fucking entail. Entail I really wanted that to be that that was just like a little kid messing around, and he didn't know the difference in the idea that he went on to hurt. Another kid is horrible well. He might not have, and it's clear that if he if that's what was going on with him, so there was something on at home. You know what I mean in my mind in my estimation, if you are a little kid, carrying a bag of guns around with you and putting it to someone's head and pulling the trigger is like. Palliation for not kissing you on the lips is. Yeah, he's. He's mimicking that from making some. taught. Yeah, yeah, no, it's it's horrible. That's what this podcast is heavy horrible. Let's get heavier and horrible or And the subject line of this email is since you mentioned John List pillow all I was listening to your most recent episode. Small bigfoot and my ears perked up when you mentioned John List for two particular reasons, reason number one since I have no self control, listen to podcasts in completely random order I was so pleased and excited to hear that you actually did cover. John List turns out just been too lazy to scroll all the way down to anything under episode fifty. Reason number two. A lovely receptionist at my job has a crazy connection to that hometown murder. Listen to the Conan O'Brien episode to Heal. There's a some John Lewis tidbits in that that we did I work in an orthodontic office and on Thursdays, we don't have patience. We just clean and catch up on all administrative things so typically put my headphones in and listen to my true crime podcast all day one day I. Look over at our receptionist will call her Marie and asked if she had any interesting true. True crime stories and manage she ever. She grew up in New Jersey right across the river from the John List home I believe. She told me that she was eight years old. When the

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