Imran Amed and Tim Blanks on Where Fashion Goes From Here


Hi, this is Ron Ahmed founder and CEO of the business of fashion and welcome to the podcast. Each season after fashion Mumbai. Sit Down with Tim planks, and we hash out what we've learned what we've observed and what we've taken away from the latest season, a fashion shows of course this season was completely different, but it was still worth having a catch up with Tim to explore. Fashion goes from here here's. Tim Blanks inside fashioned. Everybody a welcome to be oh ethel lives. I'm here with Tim blanks our editor at large, and you know usually around this time of year, Tim and I have spent. Several weeks on end in the back of a car. Navigating Fashion Week. And so we thought well. We can't do that this year, but Tim, I've still been keeping in touch of course and We usually record podcast conversation. Just reflecting on the fashion season that was and so we thought well. There's still a lot to talk about so I asked him. To join me, welcome Tim. I am Ron. How're you doing good? Good I like your shirt. He said mutually good. I'm seeing. New, thing glamour. Lack Raw Glam rock. Okay Difference. I'm not capable of climate, but I am capable of Glam rock some. Well. Our conversation today is called where it is fashion. Go from here and I know it's something that's been. On your mind a lot, it's certainly been on my mind but before we dive into that specifically you were I guess four months foreign a bit months into lockdown now or limited I, I sort of I date the transitional moment I came back from Paris on Much A. Figure that March the was the day that you could feel the storm, clouds had kind of well and truly Gabid of the fashion so I kind of date everything for much. The I think the last time that we saw anybody actually in our flat was March the seven nine. And said however many citizens. Zana's how how however long it is since we haven't seen anybody. and everything's being done like this kind of digitally signed the last time you and I saw each other in person was record our podcast for the end of that season and I. You know I don't know. I. Don't know if you remember what we talked about. It was obviously a very strange moment, and we didn't know what was about come, but one of the questions that we were grappling with. was whether we would all look back at that fashion week in and wonder if it was irresponsible for all of us to be sitting in a snuggled up next to each other at fashion, shows and dinners while this. Virus was spreading and what we know now tim is virus was spreading. It was readying actively in Italy and in France just as fashion week was going on so looking back now. What what do you think? I. I wasn't thinking irresponsible I mean there was. But because you know, we live Italy the the day we left Italy giorgione cancel the show. And Joe Digitally and there was a little bit of kind of. Huffing and puffing about that and Oh let's so dramatic whatever and I and then the airport in Milan at night was like. The fall of Saigon It was just so crazy. Wasn't people trying to get out of the country? Where was people trying to get out of the county? No because they were panicking about virus necessary. Just it was a set. It was sense of. Some enormous. Ominous! Force? and then getting to Paris and finding that you know people were saying. Shall we shop wait? You'll have a show in nothing. Really the either a couple of shows cancel. was still you know I always competitive? This that whole moment in World War Two that was? One that was a sinkhole. The phony war before the war actually started. There was moment where everybody knew that was going to be a war, but it hadn't happened, so they were kind of. Suspended animation and that's kind of what it was. Td that this because. I don't think anybody knew it was gonNA. Be As bad as it turned out to be at coins. But still it was a solo. Remember I was in the I. Requirements often before his show. He said to me. You think this is the one. And I said well. Do you and I just didn't know that point, and and you know what the weird thing is. Allocating many months later, this March April may June five months later. We still don't know because I. Feel, the feel it. Still the the doctors who will leading out shaping our opinions on this I don't think. Completely show what it is at dinner would. It just it just feels you know when you read. Eddie meteorologists is so excited by this virus, because it is such a challenge and a multi focal. It's just this incredible. Opportunity to delve deep into something that human beings have never encountered before and inside the fashion industry has just kind. I'm concerned is still like everybody else is still not this dilemma. What's going to happen? But I think we do know that this is the one I mean. There may be others at come after this based on what I've been reading, but this pandemic is shaping up to be you know one of those. Collective experiences of complete. Change, yeah, an and I think it's at fifteen million cases now. You know hundreds of thousands of people at I mean I think it's as you said I. Don't think any of us knew back then. How bad it was going to be, but it's certainly. It's certainly shaping up to be much much worse than I think. Many of us expected I. Mean I think when I was talking to a couple of CEO's in this over closing. We thought we were closing our stores down for a couple of weeks. And then obviously that turned into months. And you know the all the talk about first-wave second-wave I am using the Spanish flu as a as a as a sort of. Precursor. You know the fact that the first wave was in the full in there was a summer at the second wave was in the following fool. Could Lord I mean. We have no idea of what we could be looking at in. Another four or five months so. Yeah. It's A. It's being A. It's been a challenge I. Think Real, good huge challenge for the everybody on every level of every life almost everywhere in the world. And the nothing like that has ever happened.

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