149. Michele Rayner-Goolsby


House District Seventy as Michelle Rainer we about. Her choice to run for the Florida, House we talked about her decision to go to run as Michelle Rayner Show Rainer goals be we talk about a lot of they? Spirituality ship is a good episode. Enjoy it. Feeling. Still. No, careless Always have guests introduced themselves? Introduce Yourself. Well My name is Michelle Rainer Goolsbee. Hyphen, goals be. And I say that because I'm running for office as Michelle Rainer Bets. I am a Lawrence Attorney I am a black cler- woman who is fully clear about who I am and I am from Florida's by was a black woman. Blackwill in raised in the South End, so yeah, that's just kind of who I am in a nutshell. You did a very good job. I have some follow up questions already. Why the decision to run as Michelle, Rainer. So you know my wife has. A advocacy that she does in a way that is just fully her own and I wanted to make sure and I think really. It was a family decision. We wanted to make sure that she was able to stay in her main and do what she needs to do that. It wasn't My run for office wasn't bleeding over into the work. She does as education advocate, and then her work that she does as an education advocate was bleeding over into my work that we're. We were firmly able to have our own identities never own identities in the work, but then also have those moments that were we do come together. Well, that's really interesting, does she also? Does she go by like professionally? She go by her singular last name. Lose the title I I am Hyphen Rainer Goolsbee initiation schools. Got It got it. well, that's pretty. When did you make that decision? While AGO recent we're. Always been kind of fluid with us, so I mean my because I grew up in the area. That I'm running in. Everybody knows my family's. I've always been known as Rainer Way, so it's not anything that was kind of just A. Like, a decision of like well, I'm just GonNa go by Rainer, but it's just you know folks through my family. They know who are represented acts of the area that I am ready for in some capacity, and so it just kind of was one of the instances when I got married. I just end on Goolsbee. Summer when you say everyone knows your family were from where talked to me specifically about where you're from in Florida, so I'm from Pinellas County, so everyone's like. WAS THAT TAMPA? It is absolutely not so finalists. County is odd clearwater clearwater. Saint Pete. Sharpen sprays so eight is on the west coast of Florida in so really pinal county. My parents their love story starting at Gibbs Junior, college so a little bit about gives you your. It's located in south. Saint Pete and it was the only place that black folks were able to get a post secondary education. In the nineteen fifties and sixties, it literally was the only place. Even at that point you know when you say the only place, do you mean? In that area in area got area. Yes, so in that area it was the only place in that area, so if you wanted to stay in Pinellas County, or even in the Tampa Bay area at large, which you know, Tampa is connected to Pinellas by bridge. You would go to gives you your college, so my parents started at Gibbs Year college then. Around that time, the University of South Florida opened up to start accepting on black students, and so my parents were a part of that handful first handful of suits that actually started matriculating into University of south. Florida, so my mom tells me stories about how she was sitting in class and. Even professors would say like just ridiculous things star and she's like. You know and so having to navigate that and then you know just other folks in my family who have served. Pinal county whether it's been through government whether it's been through their jobs, and just us being there so I would say that I would be a third generation Pinellas county resident so I'm very proud to have grown up in Florida at very proud to have been Florida, and then also. My Dad's roots are also from south Georgia so. There's really that southern you know. Theme that runs through my family ray. I WanNa talk even further about so you said you said. In government, so members of your family have worked in government correct. at at what level local government or state government or so here? In fact, the seat that I'm running for State House District Seventy was state, house, district, fifty five, and my uncle was the state representative for State House while fifty five before it got gerrymandered and became State House district seventy while. There's so many things to break down in there. Right, okay, and I also just want to say because you. Backpedal for just a moment as you said, is it Tampa definitely not Tampa and I feel like there's some stuff even to unpack in that because you know, our listeners are from all over the US, but then also all over the world and so i. I will say some things about like. My understanding of Florida that already have so like you said first of all you said Florida, the South and I will just say first of all just as a blanket statement I think. In the US many people who are not from Florida wouldn't necessarily say Florida so the south. That's just something. I think it's an especially I think.

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