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Celtics Beat


Real quick just WANNA share. This is a special show for us. It always is the show brought to you by bet online or exclusive partner no shortage of action going on at bed online sports slowly making their way back maybe not so slow anymore UFC NASCAR soccer led the way. But of course, now you have baseball you have NBA NHL Playoffs are coming NFL. Hopefully. Not that far away in bed online has all the best odds and lines for the upcoming matches throughout the week and the weekend NBA Futures Lakers who have locked. Up The number one seed in the western conference. Don't even have to win another game inside the bubble before the playoffs. That's part why Lebron is not playing tonight as we chat right now they are plus two forty to win the championship the clippers right behind them at plus three, hundred bucks three, twenty, five and Celtics looking for some long johns but a team that is becoming kind of a sentimental favorite among many the media not even fans media people are just grasping at the Celtics come out of the East plus fourteen hundred. And get a pretty good payout right there. If you want to invest if you need more bet online has simulated NFL NBA UFC happening every single day live for you to check out as well. So if you're looking for anything else beyond sports, bet online hundreds of live casino, Games, Poker, tournaments, all the best props in the business just visit bet. Online DOT AG or use your mobile device join us now to receive your new welcome bonus start playing today bet online your exclusive sportsbook experts as we continue on here with Brian Rob Beer of course people who are watching will understand this. Those were listening will not but I have to ask the question why didn't you dress as Nice as Evan? I can't match I can't compete with that like. In a full suit and Suave tux jacket. I even anything that good look at my wardrobe period. So I just. WanNa. Go. I WanNa, go toe to toe with Max one day I want to just go away shot for shot using Badger suits maiden career after all I've heard all the stories. He He dresses immaculately whenever I see him. He's incredible. He has got. He's got it down no question. I don't know who whoever uses. He doesn't once a year when everyone. Nice? Nice. Nice job. I'm just sitting here in one of my Homage. Jam Celtics Bird Shirt and Mikhail homage sponsor US

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