Mike Tyson put a shark to sleep with his bare hands


Well, this headline caught my eye. Mike Tyson was so scared of diving with a £200 shark that he vomited during his Tyson versus Jaws. Shark Week. Special, Really? Mike Tyson knocked out 44 opponents during his professional boxing career. Now the 54 year old can add a shark to that list after putting one to sleep with his bare hands as part of Shark Week on Discovery. Dubbed Tyson versus Jaws Rumble on the reef. A boxing legend undertook a trio of increasingly difficult and frightening challenges with seas Apex predator in the Bahamas in an effort to try to conquer his fears of returning to the ring. So he succeeded in all the tasks given to him. Tyson was so nervous before the final challenge, which saw him swim uncaged with a group of £200 lemon sharks. He vomited on the dive boat before getting in the water. He was so scared. But he's like it. See, I thought this was going to be him in a shark cage agents. He's down in the water. And he puts this Shark in like a sleeper hold with some shark experts standing there. Next to people are gonna watch this. This will be Shark Week's most popular show. I'm sure. Well, now that I know this, I'll watch that. Yeah. It's sports sort of. He does something called tonic immobility, So if you grab a shark's nose It puts it kind of in a hypnosis like state of in activity. Do you have to say I got your nose? I got your nose. But I don't watch that in the shark's eyes, Dollars eyes and they roll right over.

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