Isaias causes bacteria levels to soar in some Washington, DC area rivers and creeks


And creeks are seeing an increase in bacteria after Isa Yes, swept through the region earlier this week, combined sewer levels have overflowed in D. C following Isa Yes causing E. Coli levels to Spike Anacostia River keeper testing results show some unsafe E. Coli levels in the Anacostia River near the National Arboretum, Vicky Run Yards Park in Acosta Park and buzzer point in the Potomac River. Testing showed six areas to be high, including the Washington Canoe Club, Fletcher's Cove and Columbia Island. In Rock Creek. Seven testing sites came back is high, including the areas of Pinehurst Branch, Broad Branch and P Street Beach in Maryland. Four of six areas in the upper Anacostia Watershed came back is over the maximum detection level Valerie Bonds W T O be news Coming

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