Beetles eaten alive observed escaping from frog's other end


Biologists studying the water Beetle finally discovered why it can survive, even though it's constantly being eaten by its primary predator, the dark spotted frog. It turns out these little guys it once they're swallowed by the frog. Just crawl right down and out the frogs, Anis. That's right, Dennis. It's a science word. So apparently 90% of the water beetles who get eaten by these frog survive by doing that, which is again just crawling right out that frogs Croker Come on Dark spotted frog to your food. Here's the amazing thing. And I love this. So the scientists were like, Okay, this is what happens. The Beatles come out alive, the other end. But is that just a natural accident of the Frogs digestive system or the Beatles actively doing it? So they actually and I hate to think of these poor beetles. Paralyzed, some with like wax so that they couldn't move and they fed them alive to the frog. Those Beatles didn't come out,

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