DC officials condemn 'horrific' mass shootings at cookout


Police in the District of Columbia, calling for community put to catch the traders of a mass shooting at a crowded weekend block party that left one person dead and 20 others wounded, including a police officer. Mayor Miriam says Washington 20 years were quote fed up with senseless violence and desperate for solutions. The shootings occurred late Saturday night when least four gunmen opened fire in the midst of a large public cookout in the southeastern Washington neighborhood of Greenway. Police chief Peter Newsom on the situation. Preliminary investigation has revealed that over 100 rounds were fired on the scene of the shooting. There were multiple shooters who fired simultaneously. We believe that there were at least four and maybe more shares who all shot at the same time. The victims in the case that the mayor has magic is there were 22 total victims, including Christopher, who was killed. Tony. One of the 22 were adult. Um, I am convinced that there is images of the shooters. In this case. I am absolutely convinced that there is someone out there who has information who was responsible for this. I am very concerned that a gathering of that size I was able to accumulate without our managers over distance festered being able to permanent so we will take a look as to whether that could have been handling away. Among the wounded. A lot of women, including an off duty officer, was shot in the neck and remains hospitalized Washington on pace this year to record the highest number of homicides and more than a decade,

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