Chicago launches winter outdoor dining design challenge


Ella Ella Baby Baby summer, summer, and and it it it certainly certainly certainly feels feels feels feels like like like like it it it it outside. outside. outside. outside. But But But the the the city city city of of of Chicago Chicago Chicago want want want you you you to to to be be be thinking thinking thinking winner. winner. winner. We We We get get get more more more from from from WG WG WG ens ens ens James James James Sears. Sears. Sears. What What What will will will the the the outdoor outdoor outdoor dining dining dining experience look like in a winter with the Corona virus? That's what the city and Illinois Restaurant Association want to know. The winter design challenges looking for creative and innovative outdoor dining solutions from Chicago wins that follow Corben 19 protocols You have until September, 7 to get your idea in James Here's W G N News

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