Gotham Knights doesn't have Batman in it and Suicide Squad

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Gotham Knights is the next game from the developer behind Batman Arkham. And Batman isn't in it? DC held its massive DC fan dome event this weekend where they shared all kinds of panels and trailers for DC related stuff. They talked about wonder woman nineteen eighty-four, which looks cool and the Snyder cut of Justice League which look you know I am ecstatic for you. If you're excited about that I don't think making that movie longer it's going to make it any better, but you know that has nothing. To do with video games. They also showed a trailer for the Robert Patents and Matt Reeves Batman Movie, which I thought looked pretty great. I'm excited for that. But the most exciting news for me was learning about what WB Montreal was working on and learning a lot more about rock steadies suicide squad game. So finally, officially, WB Montreal revealed it is working on a game called Gotham knights the trailer for the. Game Open with a newscast revealing that Bruce Wayne is dead and then a cut to a video. Batman had recorded in case of his death and what needed to be done in his absence, and then we got to see back girl night wing Red Hood and Robin basically stepping it up to be the new protectors of Gotham from there it looked a lot like a Batman Arkham game which I am. Saying as a complement, each of the four heroes appears to have a distinct set of abilities and are able to drive bat cycles around Gotham. Bad girl seems perhaps the closest to playing as Batman. As we know him in the Arkham Games, a brawler uses a zip line to move around night wing was playable on a few occasions in the Batman Arkham Games and he looks similar here uses batons as weapons. Red Hood. Who sometimes bad guy. But seems to be a good guy in this instance uses guns. He is former Robin Jason Todd who was resurrected, and now you know very angry general. And finally, we saw robin the Tim Drake version. Of Robin, who appears to use a lot of tech gadgets I was certain. We were looking at Damian Wayne Bruce Wayne's biological son during the trailer who is Robin in the current Comic Book Canon. But after the fact, it was made pretty clear that this is Tim Drake. The trailer ended with a tease we have been expecting for long time with the Court of owls taking center stage. We saw familiar locations from the Court of Appeals, comics people wearing court of appeals, masks, and hundreds of coffins that store the immortal superhumans at the Court of Appeals tends to use to do its dirty work. After the trailer premiered, they showed about seven minutes of Gameplay. The game play footage took place about a dozen hours into the game and focused on a part of the story revolving around Mr Freeze we saw back girl wearing a different costume than what was shown in the trailer running around the city, zipping up to rooftops and attacking enemies from above Robin joined her similarly wearing a different outfit than the one seen in the trailer, and they made their way into Mr Freezes. Fort I guess you could say where he had this crazy weather machine going multiple approaches to taking out enemies were shown bat girl was more of a brawler uninterested in a stealthy approach but robin was shown sneaking up on enemies Alford called the duo to give them advice and we also saw and bat girl team up for a single attack it culminated with a boss fight confrontation Mr freeze before too much progress could be made against him. The video came to a close the game going to be an up to two player coop game and will apparently have lots of leveling up options over the course of the game and enemies will level up with you. Implication is you tackle things just about any order as a result if you're level five when you fight freeze, he's level five. But if you love of fifteen, then he is little fifteen in that changes things. Afterward. Zachary Levi. She's Zam himself asked WB Montreal a few questions. They didn't offer a whole lot of additional information. They did say the mystery is bigger than the court of owls though and later it was also confirmed that the game is separate from the Arkham universe it's a standalone new Batman Universe the game is planned for next year I love the narrative conceit of Batman being dead I. Hope they lean into that and it's not just a big endgame twist that he's been alive the whole time I, liked the. Idea of that crew of four trying to figure out how to protect Gotham without Batman I. think that's really cool I. also love the Look of writing the bat cycle through the city and how at least at this point it it does look close to Arkham game play.

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