Case #61 Axeman of New Orleans

Far Side Chats


Days. are running together. Girl me too. I keep forgetting that tomorrow's Friday. The today's Thursday the yesterday was Wednesday. Yeah was that Monday? Yeah. No. Oh this Monday. Oh Yeah. You are going to laugh at me. A screen shot might. A screen for or for my. What is this called calendar? Not a good sign. Luckily we have scripts. Shoot. I was GONNA say thing of the most random question. That you can think of. One is the oldest thing in your refrigerator. Freezer. We're sad. True I just did the clean out at lunch of just super old stuff. But the only thing that I know that had a date on it died in August. WHO Do bad yeah. Have you seen that company that? Sells like ugly produce. Oh. Yes. I keep getting served ads for that I do too I kind of want to try it I. Know I kind of don't hate it. Yeah. Cut Down on food waste. Yeah. It's like the. The not cute puppies but they still need love. Oh. Not Cute. Puppies are the best puppies I know and they're still so cute because they're so uglier they are. My Gosh. Anyway. I know that they were talking about New Orleans but let's pretty much all I know yeah we are talking about New Orleans were talking about jazz culture but. Yes. So this week is going to be a true Kharaian story. I'm so excited and I feel like stories the happen in. Louisiana. Are Ways so interesting. They really are and I feel like even if it doesn't have anything to do with magic or Doodoo or anything like that. I feel like every story I hear is just layered with some sort of. Mystical. Yes. Exactly I'm excited. So let's just

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