La Burgondie Brut Ros


David Fromm. Cheap. Line. FINDER DOT COM. Coming at you with another wine review, we put on the cheap one finder dot website. And today it's a trader Joe's wine which to a lot of. It's the love burgundies. TREMONT DEBRAH goal. OC. Brute rose, Zach. Nine, hundred, nine. Import Bubbly. That's actually really really good. And It's a criminal chroma. is a sparkling wine from France. Isn't. From. Champagne. Champagne can be a grandma just means sparkling wine basically. But there brandon Sir you don't think of them as chromite you think of them as champagne. So everything else is a criminal and this is from Burgundy. And if you're not really up on. That part of the country. or The world I guess. The bottom part of Burgundy's this is of in northern eastern France. Is bourgeois. And the northern part is champagne and middle is the Burgundy region. and. It's home of some of the best new iron. Chardonnay in the world I mean it just that's that's ground zero for Pinot Noir Chardonnay. And they make. Like champagne does just a little bit to the north. They make bubbly to and a half may bubbly for a long long time. And this love ninety nine bubbly is made by. A group of farmers and four hundred, fifty different farmers in the region off with their grapes together and they make three and a half million bottles year. If, you want the name, it's on the. Website www cheap wine fighter dot com. It's French. Damn. I can't remember American names remember French names. But they're legit. You don't know who these who makes the winds were trader Joe's. But they're actually good in it at love. Ninety nine. This is good. Trader Joe's is a lot of buying power ninety nine. It is typically a lot less than what A. parable wine and a retail shop with being. One of the reasons is that all the in Europe are trader Joe's in. Europe is all ignored there's all ignored all these stuff. The all the United States is all these south and. Trader Joe's Aldi north, but they have a worldwide reach it almost wine shops are in a city or maybe a stay. Supermarkets can go. A long way they can be many states but they don't normally. Push. Their own brand of line. They don't really have that going for the most part like trader. Joe's does with are known for their wines and they're known for their value price twice. So this eleven ninety, nine criminal from Burgundy. And it's made in the same way. Champagne is. Made. With Pinot noir grapes. Champagne either either and or. Chardonnay. Pinot Noir Pinot Monet. Grapes are. Similar If anything the Pinot Noir. Grapes. In. Burgundy are better regarded than the ones up north. So. This love and ninety nine grandma. Mike be seriously underpriced. Mean when people pay big money for French. Champagne. Do you know? Everybody. Else's you know trying to get with. What's leftover because if you're going to spend thirty Bucks Forty Bucks Fifty Bucks One, hundred, twenty bucks you're buying champagne. If you only have ten twenty, you might look at a criminal. So that's what you know. But that doesn't mean it's the quality is not there. It's not equally good if not exactly the same because it doesn't exactly the same. But this is good Melissa delicate, it's balanced. It's got. Very controlled flavors. This is a one everything is where it's hopes to be. You know it's Often cheap bubbles are fun and delicious. Raw Love the place and they're. The last drink this one is kind of sophisticated and refined to I'm thinking because I got a glass of bubbles man.

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