Mindful Living With Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh and Dr. Seth Gillihan

Live Happy Now


But we need that at some stage in the future. The. Potentially, the feeling would just be out of grass when we might have that knowing sense of discontent. decided fashion. And all the messages society bombarded with about. Fifty power or money or career progression we'll kick into to play and and will jeff not see live grounded. I mean really wanted to find a way of helping one another just. As often as possible to reconnect on a daily basis to walk truly important spoke of. That is a really beautiful. Physician that it came from and. Then explain kind of what is the back story of? Youtube. Like how did you know each other? How did you connect to know that this was a project to you would do together Sethi WanNa address that first Yes what I most readers don't know this but I'm actually Arias grandfather. Audibly, young. There should be some time travel going on. Yes well, I guess I guess what preserve? Sorry I told you in a different context. This just turned into. Meet, you, Grandfather. Reo was actually my student I was a fulltime faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania and he was there visiting for a year and he took my class called anxiety and the brain. He was phenomenal students best students I've ever had. And gave remarkable presentations in the course but more than that he just had a certain presence about him a real. Meat of a physical presence in such a kindness kind and warm spirit. So we had some conversations after class around the course material and then the course was over a he was around for another semester, and so we really developed a friendship during that time and and kept in touch and and I was very happy today I got the invitation to his wedding. Actually gave been eight-plus and I've been repaying that debt every. I was so glad you earned it because it would have been otherwise it could have been awkward. because. I liked you so much but. Thankfully my my affection for you and your performance in the class were well aligned. Often. After the course was ended, we walk and talk or go for. You know we talked we're GONNA pass flash rat and it'd be simple things. By. Having a threat and talking, but we often the calmest patients often. Went back to the aspects of Orleans that we often didn't talk about with other people as much and that might be our spiritual belief or how how we're struggling or. Ethics of mindfulness with CO founding when a I didn't let my. Pen. And I, it was Phil Refresh seem to have those moments where you could truly talk with someone about how you found. But know that there was no judgment on those different types of compassionate on an understanding there and I think a lot of the time we don't have conversations that perhaps we need to have. You know we avoid having publications with. Our wives or husbands or closest friends who are drifting apart from our even our children are.

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