Ruth Bader Ginsburg's last wish: 'I will not be replaced until a new president is installed'


Bader Ginsburg has died. Of complications from pancreatic cancer. Ginsberg was a Ah ah liberal icon 87 years old. She had been on the court for 27 years, She had been an architect for women's rights Back in the 19 seventies. She's been battling cancer for a long time. And now tonight The U. S. Supreme Court has announced that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died of complications from cancer. And of course this is going to be a big Big issue. In a presidential race that was already filled John how with huge huge issues, So now the question is Will President Trump try to get Ah New justice on the Supreme Court before you know the candlesticks of this previous His previous policy of not bringing that up during a presidential election election right during the election cycle. Yeah, that's what he said in 2016 with Mary Garland. Antonin Scalia died, right. Right. So so, yeah, that we'll see. I've noticed people switch sides from time to time is situational ethics are definitely alive. Politically, aren't they? Yes, so we shall see. This is really going to disappoint. My sister was a big fan. She's an attorney in Michigan. But she was constantly centime. Excerpts from Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Down and down and then wanted me to read Maura about her and and so on and so forth. So, yeah, Breaking news is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Eiji, seven years old battle pancreatic cancer for a long time Supreme Court announced just minutes ago that she has passed away Big topic conversation over the weekend. We'll be back on it. Gonna show apparently dictated this statement to her granddaughter as she is, her strength waned in the last few days. Quote my most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until the new president is installed.

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