You go back to April, 14th Eric



Eric Holder wrote an op ed piece in Time magazine, and the title of that piece was how the Corona virus should change elections in the United States of America. What did Eric Holder talked about that piece on 14th use a mail in ballots? West added he's not opposed to streamlining the voting system, but says that voters should have the first say in the matter. Lee High School in Midland is being renamed Legacy of Equality and Excellence High School and we'll still be called Lee High School. The Midland School Board voted this summer to drop the name of a Confederate general and a citizen's renaming committee came up with the new name. It's four minutes past the hour school officials Dallas apologizing for a class assignment at a local high school. The assignment at W. T White High School asked students to write about a modern day hero, enlisted Kyle Riton house as an option. He's the teen accused in last month's deadly shooting during a Kenosha, Wisconsin protest. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people and injuring another. Following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The

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