Trump Not Only Has The Power, He Now Has The DUTY To Replace RBG on SCOTUS! - burst 2


That's the truth Mike Shirt show here on a crusade channel always on air and always online at Crusade L. Dot Com we laugh here on a Monday welcoming all of you win that may be watching on or for you boop stream that reminds me go ahead and activate they the preview stream for gratis as well. Today Let me get back to my my my history lesson here? Why does the replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, matter so much and why is this going to be the greatest battle? Between Good and evil sent Saint Michel and say Rayfield and Saint Gabriel and a legion. Of Angels. Fought a war in heaven. Defeated Lucifer. Kicked him out of Heaven and then God built Hell and sentence them to burn forever in it. That was the battle of good versus evil. Well, this is going to be the second battle of good versus evil. In the crosshairs is nothing less than the sacramental Demi. God that the Peto Globalist Lib Cards. Bow at the altar of and worship. It's called abortion. That's what's

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