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Global News Update. President Trump says he plans to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg without July in a tweet Today, Trump wrote Thie selection of a U. S Supreme Court justice is an important decision, which he has the obligation of making right away. Well. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he would call a vote for Trump's nominee, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said a vote should come after the election. Ginsberg passed away last night at the age of 87 after a long battle with cancer. A statue of the late Justice is on the docket for her hometown of Brooklyn. Lisa Salvati reports Governor Cuomo announcing that a commission will be appointed in the coming days to recommend designs and the location for a new memorial honoring Justice Ginsburg We'll also search for an artist, Cuomo said. Quote Ginsberg was a monumental figure of equality, giving voice to the voiceless and selflessly pursued truth and justice in a world of division and we could all agree she deserves a monument in her honor, At least a salve attic. New CDC guidelines. Has anyone exposed to the Corona Vier should definitely be tested. The agency was criticized last month after recommending those without symptoms don't need a test even if they were in contact with someone infected. Apparently the CDC had been pressured by the White House task force to make the change. The New York Times reported that scientists did not write the earlier guy lines. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's is working men and women are struggling during President Trump's tenure. Mall Billionaires air getting Richard left to wonder. As a consequence, ordinary folks who's looking out for me. No. That's been the entire story of Donald Trump's presidency, Biden told some union workers near Duluth, Minnesota. Billionaires in this country have made an additional $300 billion just during the Corona virus pandemic. Minnesota was one of the states that began early voting today, Biden says he measures the US economy not by how will stocks are going up on Wall Street? But how people in town such a Scranton, Pennsylvania and Duluth Minnesota are doing. I'm John Jeffries. The U. S Central Command is beefing up military support in Syria after several American troops were injured in a vehicle crash involving Russian forces. Brian shook reports, a military spokesman said Bradley fighting vehicles have been deployed and fighter jets are flying more patrols over coalition forces to help ensure their safety and security about 500 U. S troops are still in Syria to help fight the remnants of Isis. The deployment of a mechanized unit comes as the U. S. Continues to withdraw troops from Iraq. Brian shook a

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