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Heard apple we heard from Samsung. Now it's Amazon's turn Amazon stymied to have their event on Thursday September twenty four announcing a whole new slate of Alexa products I'm here with consider he runs the voice dot ai blog and weird and have some fun talking about what we might see. Now last year we had glasses. We had the ear buds. We had the fancy speaker that sounded better than any Alexa. Speaker ever sounded the studio. What do you think? What do you think we could possibly see this year. I think it's going to be light on hardware. Actually I. THINK WE'RE GONNA see a lot more applications and services this year it just seems like that's the way they're headed right now we're starting to see them call their portfolio a little bit I do expect to see an upgraded. Amazon Echo for example, because we're a couple years since that last updated So we might see that we might see an echo plus update and we could potentially see another round of updates to the smart displays because they've been updating those each year. but for the most part I, think the stories are GONNA be around. Is and features. Okay. Would you say the New Echo? That's the entry level basic of seventy, nine dollar. Speaker that started it all. That is the one and eight. When it started at all I think it was one, hundred, eighty, nine dollars when it first launched might have been one, hundred, ninety nine then they brought it down. So yeah, it should be somewhere between seventy nine and ninety nine dollars. It's not the echo dot, which is the one that people will see for twenty to thirty dollars when it's on sale but that is really the flagship of the of the portfolio and it's due for an upgrade. What could they do what they do to make it interesting To make it interesting. I'm not sure. I mean the the most recent one was actually quite good They could increase the audio quality a little bit more but then it's GonNa be in competition with Echo Studio, which was a device i. know you like a great deal last year I expect them to potentially have some do safeguards at a hardware level around privacy that would be something that could do with. Better Processing Power they might announce something with performance and speed. In fact, most likely they will I'm not sure that that will be specific to the device though probably more likely will be impact based on the cloud processing and ultimately the natural language understanding layer of the Alexa Service. Now, what I think they need to do is really put a lot of effort onto video and the echo show which. You know as we've moved to everything's online, every trade shows online every classes online all of our work is online. That Lil unit has been left out of the equation. We should just be saying Hey Alexa start my meeting and they did announced that there can be working with zoom on one of the units but I think they really need to put a lot of effort into putting video I what what's your thoughts? Yeah I I suspect that we're to see some services along those lines although you have to look at what Amazon has to bring to the table. So Zoom is a nice integration. It's it is available now and echo show not as tight is the integration as they have for the conference room they already had many people don't know this already had integration with zoom for conference room setting. That was Alexa for business, and what they're doing now is available for consumers because that's a new swing on the way things have changed recently, people need that at home more I'm interested to see what they do with the television. So I think that that's likely to be a more fruitful area for them to explore the use of video and the integration with Alexa. So bring zoom and Google or whatever whatever program into the into the fire TV edition. Yes. Okay, well, that sounds like fun. I have one of those in my living room and it sure would be a really convenient. Well if you think about it too like people are using these devices now. To talk to loved ones right and so we have an echo show and I, and I gave one to my parents first edition when it came out of him to my my brothers. So we can. We can all get together and we can have these one one calls with each other. They're Nice. But the ECHO show is like a small screen even the larger ones are small compared to the television and in it's not necessarily in a place where it's easy for everyone to sit around the television. Is actually much better setup for that. If you'RE GONNA do family to family calling and I. Hope that will allow you to be able to do a multi-party calling for that as well. So zoom allows multi-party calling very useful feature for people during the pandemic they WANNA get get together with people. They can't see echo show is one to one right now, and so if they could do multi-party off of that, that would be a big step up if they can do it through the TV even better.

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