Investigations opened into partial collapse of Seattle's Pier 58


Partial collapse of appear along the Seattle waterfront has attracted the attention of both state and federal investigators. Almost Brian Calvert Pier 58 next door to the Seattle Aquarium was due for replacement anyway. A couple of contractors prepping the massive refurbishment were sent to the hospital Sunday afternoon when the northeast corner of the waterfront structure gave way more people could have been hurt if it weren't for the sound of a horn, Bob Dunnigan, president of Ivers Restaurant on Pier, 54 told the Times. Workers on the perimeter of Pier 58 had been directed to watch for sudden shifts in the structure and blow on air horn as a warning to evacuate, he says five of seven workers on the pier were able to get away because of that air horn. Now state and federal inspectors will investigate the contractors involved, as well as the city's procedures and plans.

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