Godfather is making a comeback


A comeback in the form of a Siri's The 10 episode, Siri's will be called the offer and will be about the creation of the Godfather. This is coming from the C B from CBS as they reboot their own streaming app because it sucked, so they're no longer calling at CBS all access they're re releasing it is paramount. Plus and I get sucky mixed success streaming service that seven day free trial has gotten me more than once. But as a gay, I will say I'm a little angry at the overuse of the plus symbol. We kind of coined that LGBT people coined it with plus size. You're wrong, plus sizes more recent, isn't it? Because fats not cool. So you say, plus size plus size. You don't owe the plus sized section of the Nordstrom you're trying to say LGBT LGBT Q Q Ploce area that you you think you got plus first before Matt, we got Well, Math has had it since the beginning you stole from al right? But that doesn't mean Disney plus Paramount plus fitness Plus all of the little plus after something that's what we did that first. All right. What do you want? Another parade I want you know you. Both sightings are up up up this year because people have nothing better to do than just look at the night sky and let their imaginations run wild.

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