Philadelphia residents follow mask guidelines, study says


Finds that Philadelphians they're doing a pretty good job of wearing mass to prevent the spread of coded 19 K Y. W. City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe reports. The health commissioner thinks that's a big reason for recent progress on fighting the virus. Health Commissioner Tom Farley says new covert 19 infections fell to an average of 67 a day last week, the lowest number since the second week of the pandemic. Deaths have fallen to about one a day. He gives credit for this progress to people following advice on mask wearing if you're wearing a mask at all, Thank you very much. The new study shows more than three quarters of people on the city's commercial streets are masked. The study is separate from the Health Department's own research, but had similar findings. Doctor Farley says. One problem. The steady identified is that people don't wear masks correctly over the nose and mouth and consistently Don't pull your mask down to talk to the person next to you when you're talking to the person next to you is when you're most putting out the water droplets as the most important time to have a mask on vector for others is the kind of mask is important to Ben Dana's masks with vows and pulled up T shirts. Don't cut it, Pat

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