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Subscribe. We're also going to update you at the end of the broadcast tonight, but we are tracking hurricane sally as it closes in on Louisiana and Mississippi the National Hurricane Center says this category two storm packing maximum sustained winds of about one hundred miles an hour as of tonight, and here's the problem forecasters are warning of life threatening storm surge high winds, flash flooding starting tonight along portions of the. Northern Gulf coast landfall is expected anytime between tomorrow night and Thursday. This is a very slow moving storm that could dump up to two feet of rain in some areas. Forward speed is about three miles. An hour sally is one of four named storms now being tracked over the Atlantic Basin this national weather, service satellite image includes hurricanes Sally and Paulette, tropical storms, Teddy, and Vicki for good measure. Back with us again tonight retired US Army lieutenant general. Russel. Honore who led the relief effort on the ground in New Orleans in the days following. Hurricane. Katrina. thirty-seven year veteran of the armed forces he has written a book called leadership in the new normal. General I, know where you live you will likely miss the worst of this. Thank. God. But how much is one region supposed to take? Yeah. You know we have a significant recovery operation having in the West and Potter to state. Goes from. Cameron. All the way to Shreveport Bolger. That parish Keto attitude a disaster declaration today by the female and the White House so that entire has to go through recovery with thousands and thousands of people without electricity and three hundred water systems at risk with recovery Nair. It now sally come to town. The predictions for New Orleans. Appears right now. At landfall happens that way it's going to happen. it may not have as bigger impact as predictions word this morning on New Orleans as four as win and water coming from rain. It still could have an impact. On those eastern parish platinum, Paris Saint Bernard Laura taking on water in the in in Shell beach in places like that. Then that served one from Sally could have an impact on the north shore in parts of dual. That being said. MISSISSIPPI BILOXI TO MOBILE Bay. Look like they're right now by prediction, we're GONNA take the hardest hit with a three mile now spol-. That could be reminiscent of the rainfall we saw coming Harvey and I'm out of weather person I'm repeating what I'm here. But the worst case scenario list. rainmaker and put. Out. Through most of Mississippi and Alabama. I'm worried about Gulf shores myself to to the point you just made our meteorologist Bill Karen's put this out tonight on social media. We all deserve so much better than the latest euro model run. That's stalls Hurricane Sally just south of the Mississippi Alabama border on. Until Thursday morning I can't even begin to think of the consequences please be wrong. We all agree with Bill Karen's in that. General and let's not forget. What has you at home and that is were in the middle of a pandemic you're among those trying to be careful. The minute you take someone out of a flood at home, put them in a crowded vehicle to take them to a crowded shelter. That's one we have problems. And Brian as we saw out the Lord of choices few. The hotels in New Orleans at just about full read about twelve thousand. They're the people belong Gulf coast

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