Two Los Angeles sheriff's deputies shot in 'ambush'


In Los Angeles on Saturday night. So that would be maybe either late Saturday night, our time or early Sunday morning, so none of this was in the Sunday newspapers, but because of the timing There were two police officers. They're actually sheriff's deputies. 31 year old woman who's as a child six years old. I'm not sure if it's a son or a daughter. And a 24 year old man. Both of them have been sworn in 14 months ago. Oh, and they were parked in their marked vehicle. In the marked vehicle. And As a consequence. Being in the marked vehicle and doing nothing. An assailant walked up to the vehicle, Obviously, in an absolute case of premeditation. Ah, and just about seven o'clock Saturday there time, which is 10 o'clock our time. Fired several shots hitting both of these young sheriff deputies. I believe the woman was hit in the jaw in the face and the 24 year old male Always hit in the I believe actually in the forehead. Now, first of all, B. Homicide captain of the LAPD, the Kent Wagner. Cut. 16 described what happened. Excuse me. My mistake. Cut 26. I'm a suspect and played on foot north bound from the shooting scene and out of you. Deputies radio for help. help. Assisting Assisting Assisting units units units from from from the the the district district district responded. responded. responded. And And And transported transported transported both both both those those those deputies deputies deputies here here here to to to ST ST ST Francis Francis Francis Medical Medical Medical Center. Center. Center. the next cut is cut 27. He talks again about the approach by the suspect to the car. He walked along the passenger side of the car. He acted as if he was going to walk past the car, and then he made a left turn directly toward the car raised a pistol. Fired several rounds inside of the vehicle, striking both of the sheriff's deputies. Meanwhile, at the hospital at ST Joseph's Medical Center, the captain Wagner referred to the sheriff of Of Los Angeles County, Alex Villanueva. Talked about the shooting. This is cut 30 rub. At At approximately approximately 7 7 P.m. P.m. this this evening evening at at the the Compton Compton terminal, terminal, the the blue blue line line the the blue blue line, line, there there was was two two deputies deputies who who were were ambushed by a gunman in a cowardly fashion. They're both critically injured multiple gunshot wounds. They're currently being treated for the hospital. So wait. You want everyone to have a prayer for them for their recovery at this time, and, um I'll have Ah, Homicide Captain can wait. We'll provide more details on the status of the investigation is happening right now on this is just a sovereign reminder that this is a dangerous job. the investigation at this point a suspect as of this writing, as of this moment, had mind staying not yet been arrested. Ah, it's kind of a grainy picture of this guy, but they now have $150,000 reward out. And that will loosen up some lips for sure. Now what? You um if you read the globe today, To remain in critical condition after attack in California, Biden Trump condemned Ambush of deputies that's fine. They go through the story, which you've just heard. Okay. Ah, and then in the final 12345 paragraphs of the AP story, not the AP Story out of Washington Post story written by Felisha sudden Mez and Hannah Knowles. Police and protestors tactics drew scrutiny after demonstrations formed outside ST Francis Medical Center with the deputies received treatment. They were on the operating table. Their lives were were hanging in the balance. The deputies received treatment. Aye. Go on, then to talk about Josie Helaine reported for public radio Station. Kpcc, a national public radio affiliate, said on Twitter that she had been covering the sheriff's news conference. When she returned to the hospital she was wearing her press pass, She said Hawaiian tweeted that she began walking behind deputies who were following a small group of protesters. I was filming an arrest. She works in a radio. She's filming an arrest when suddenly deputies show back up Within seconds I was getting shoved around. The editor of the station, Megan Garvey, expressed outrage outrage over this arrest. She was arrested and actually released. So you might say. Okay, that's interesting. What with the tactics that drew scrutiny after the demonstrations formed outside ST Francis Medical Center. We'll let me share them with you. Some individuals who claim to be black lives. Activists showed up. At the hospital. Now the families are being rushed to the hospital. Obviously police, other police officers of going there as I'm sure you know, in a situation like this trying to get through to you. To donate blood, for example. Well, my understanding is that the black the veal and activists Uh, that's a pretty nasty things to say about the officers. Let's go to cut 11 1st Rob! Got your black families care board prize African Town coalition. We're out here at ST Francis Hospital, where Tio America's most notorious gang members have been brought to We're going to go up here and just check on Ah, these murderers right here and see what's that? Let's see what's up. They're going to go check on the murderer, the murderers of the police officers who have just who have just almost been assassinated. Come 13. This gets a little Ah, raunchy, but you'll get you'll get the drift. This is again the activists outside the hospital. These two officers, a 31 year old woman. And a 24 year old man. Young man have been this but it's the this an attempted murders attempted double murder cut 13 Rob! Going, people. So it gets worse. The black Ah lives matter. Activists actually tried to enter the hospital. Okay? No, The police are essentially trying to get family members in to see the loved ones who could be dying. And there was one Young, Ah black woman. Who was the security person? At the door. Who stopped this horde of thugs from literally invading the hospital. She should get some sort of an honor for the guts and the courage that she showed this is cut 12 rub. We're down here. The same Francis Hospital were down. They were down here to visit someone. You can go visit Nobody. You can once we confirm, but there's no visitation allowed anyway, so you gotta go. All right. You see what's happening right here, right. Got it. These pigs out here. They're telling us that we cannot come in here and see these individuals who have been shot down train station. So what? Okay, This is a public that probably has no problem. That young woman. Whoever she is, basically stood down a crowd. They're going to go visit. Yeah, they're going to go visit. Finally there's a priest at the hospital who came out and talked about what is going on Cut 31 rub. Describe for me what the protesters were chanting. What were they saying? Well, they were saying death to the police killed killed the police and this our sheriff's, but the message is still the same. And they were using all type of curse words and and derogatory terms about the police just just provoking our police officers unacceptable behavior because the hospital should be a sanctuary where way should leave hospital alone. Tensions are high since two deputies are inside. Did you see the negatives make swift action. And he said that the protesters trying to get inside the emergency room? Yes. Unbelievable. Un believable and then we have the radio reporter. Remember The Washington Post article in the Globe today they refer. Police and protestors tactics drew scrutiny after demonstrations formed outside ST Francis Medical Center with the deputies received treatment. That's it. The Washington Post had no interest in describing what had happened. And then you had this nut job radio reporter who, as the police had trying to clear the area. She's trying to interfere with the police. This is cut 41 40 to rub cut 41. Back up. It continues. Hearing cut 42 here. Just what the police needed in that situation, have another distraction and the executive a editor of this radio station, so called NPR radio station. KPCC, or public radio National Public Radio affiliate. Expressed outrage over the arrest of the reporter. No outrage, though, over what the demonstrators tried to do to enter the hospital as these police officers Life lives hung in the balance. This one doesn't really outraged you that I don't know what does this is this's as as bad as it gets. I don't care who you are or what you think if you don't condemn this action by those literally, vigilantes, we're going to go visit these people in the hospital. Oh, yeah. They were in the operating room. Feel free. Just go in and say hello. I'm sure that they'd love to see you. And by the way, we'll clear the doctor's out of there. So maybe You can finish him off

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