Episode 293: Generic Food (Entry 521.JB1817)


By any name brand foods? Never a name brand. Supermarket Mark 'cause we get some peanut butter. Jeff money. Food. and No no-frills food. Cedeno. The. White box with black letters. Which brand loyalty would you say you have? On, a scale of one to ten I would say that's a good question I I'm. Without giving free advertising to. Half, a dozen products that have not paid to be on the the just use the ones who have paid. How much did you have to Mac Weldon? Some kind of mural collaboration software I'm wearing the MAC and underwear right now. Unlike. There's a certain brand of frozen pizza that I like and I don't like any other brand frozen pizza. So if I can't get the one, I, won't. Get any others. And I'm a pepper I like Dr Pepper, I know you like Dr Pepper I may diet pepper. They're not going to advertise on the show probably but my great grandfather was also pepper really he would buy he would go to town in Van Wert Ohio in nineteen, thirty two. And while his wife went to the Woolworth's, he would buy a single Dr Pepper and stand out on the corner of first and main. And drink his saver has dr pepper for an hour while what was she doing it? The wars? was she having a cherry phosphate or should shopping noticing she was shopping she was buying the thing you know she was buying chickenfeed or whatever you get woolworth's chicken feet you say feed or feed you know sure feet it's two different aisles. And he would stand there and you know and every everyone in town would pass by and and having his Dr Pepper was his opportunity to like talk to his towns. People Fellow towns persons, and that because they lived on a farm way out in in the middle bfe. So that was his bar just standing on a street corner without a Dr Pepper, and that was the only drink available in America at the time what water was not safe to drink parrilla. Doctor. You can have a delicious. So I remember when I was a kid this is. Not Relevant at all, but there's some there's some encyclopedia for a change. There's how can it be relevant? We haven't even talked about anything yet. This is everything right now is a perfect democracy of relevance. There's some encyclopedia. Brown. Mystery I read as a kid that hinges on root beer and saas tasting exactly. The same right well, this is what they'll tell you enough not true if you go to the United Kingdom and try and talk to people about root beer. They're going to tell you that root beer and cough syrup taste exactly the same I know that and. Of course they're wrong but it's funny. We tricked generation of kids into thinking the river is delicious by giving it to them as sparkly soda whereas if you told them, it was further throw. They would be like don't make me have that I love a beer but I'm also you know and Oh. This is an example right? I. Am not a Root Beer brand appearance I'll drink six different root beers. If you get same time, you'll sturm altogether in a big VAT even better. That's how you make Dr Pepper that's. A. I know you're kind of an airline loyalist. You pooh-poohed people who will just buy the cheapest ticket after decades of buying the cheapest ticket and realizing that my life was. was twice as hard and unpleasant because I fly a lot you need assistance you needed order and I just took. I just chose the airline that I chose because friend of the show John Hodgman and friend of the show John Jonathan Colton both you just essentially named it because Hodgman's burke here is named for a trademark of this company but twelve years ago they both sat me down and shook me the by the lapels and they were like you need to get right with the airlines. You need to get on this mild mileage program at Delta's I. Didn't know that was there are multi level marketing does Hodgman are you in his down line to get a does he get a few cents on the dollar every time you buy a ticket? Well, what was cool as we were traveling a lot together and so he would get these. He would get first class upgrades for me all the time 'cause we'd be flying from you know fly from here there and he was in first class and his magic platinum power. Got Me in first class over and over, and he was like if you're not saving these Delta points, you're, you're just like throwing money on the ground I was like God I don't WanNa throw money on the ground that sounds like a dumb thing. So I signed up and then I got caught in that whole craziness like I'm trying to get my status. Every year I felt like I've been I've been twice duped I. You thought you were. Going to you, you lost the ease of just buying the cheapest ticket and somehow you joined a cult right even going to join the terrible cult because once you're in their cult, they can treat you as badly as as they want and you're like, no, please give me more. What are you? GonNa do go to American. Yeah. I don't think I was sitting on a flight one time a again like a diverse class and the guy next to me. The the flight attendant opened a cantopop or whatever, and a little drip. Got On his pants.

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