Karaoke banned in Quebec bars and public venues; private karaoke 'strongly discouraged'


Is doing in Quebec could end up happening here in the United States and would bum I believe a majority of people out there would be very upset about this. Quebec is banning karaoke. Oh, thank God You don't like you don't you have to do but you don't even do it. Who cares if it's other people enjoy it because I've been in a place before. Where all of a sudden the good music stops and then all on some An amateur American Idol reject takes the stage and starts doing now. Exactly area. Her name's al. Excuse me. You have to bring your own sheet music. That's what that's the trick that most people don't know. And and realistically, it's like I don't know the same 10. I mean, I know they have a catalog those to brag thousands of songs and three ring binders that have been around from ice in 1982. They never buy new one, and it's the same 10 songs constantly. It's

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