US Open Day 14 - Thiem at last; Zverev devastated


I'M ALMOST THERE CAN BE A. A third I've just called the name of mine wrong. What was it called ready What's his real name? I'm on my second bid David. Leads you've just opened third Tonia. Catherine. It's an Aq-. It's an Eq-. Right okay. So. Yeah. I'm drinking San Miguel apparently others call semi Guel. Not to worry about three of them. We've just watched the men's singles final. It is the sort of final that makes me feel like I've had about five days. Even if I haven't because it's. A meandering delirious. I don't really know how to sum it up. It was just but. Yeah I'm slightly worried that the match is just a big blur in my mind and I'm going to struggle to talk about what actually happened. I can remember very strongly the feeling of it happening and how I felt watching it. I think that will be etched into my mind forever because it was one of those matches by the end I was just so an egg tense for both players A. But trying to rationalize what happened might be quite a difficult task I think. Is a bit light last year's final when ref on the Dow lead two sets to love and a break. And that looked over and then suddenly it was in a fifth set is it bit lineup? No. I didn't think. It was follow quality I would say. I thought I thought. was really good like the whole time. This one was patchy. But the idea of it being not that interesting because looking like going to be a straight sets win. And then suddenly you don't want the match to end and you wanted to go on forever in that sense, it was similar. But I don't think quality-wise or. Sort of the reasons for why ended up being such a dramatic match were that similar tall I also think that Medvedev's comeback last year was completely unexpected I think again somebody like. Nidal or not somebody like against Nidal, if love down in your first Grand Slam final. Very few people are predicting away back I think even at sets breakdown today. People will. I think most people watching. Were waiting dominate team to wake up and. Waiting for something that felt like, surely, it has to happen surely at some stage today even if it's only. A small research and see and I am a break back pushing the set to a tiebreak. Winning a set. People were waiting to see the real. Dominic team. It felt. It felt like only a matter of time whether he could get it together. In time. Before it was either. But for me, that was quite crucial difference in how this one felt. Lost felt I will remember this match I think in the long run for the final set and for the final set tiebreak but. You can't have that without the other stuff that comes before just two guys. So, let's talk about that talk about the start of the match. And how we it was. It was weird. It was I mean festival Amazon deserve. Totally, different men to the guy who came out against public arena buster looked. Just, totally paralyzed with nerves and unable to play his normal game. He looked free now there for those first two sets, he looked languid he has. He has a languid power. Unlike, anybody else I think when you he said of generates speed of shot whether it's the serve of one hundred and seventy seven miles now or four hundred. That's kind of hit the back fence without you realizing he's actually hit it that hard. I don't think anybody else gives me that. kind of feeling out on the circuit of the moment you can. I can feel the power of everybody else is almost a slight of hand the way he does it, but he was timing the ball way way better and also the intent was there and he was coming into the net I mean the statistics on his net approaches. I think after a sense set in half to gone to the net twenty times. And with some success, he looks uncomfortable at the net, but he was just playing. The odd. So masters using his six foot six inches his wingspan. Great. Get into the net. And Dominic team was absolutely awful.

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