Hour 2: Billy Napier & Calls - burst 13


And Kansas. Yeah I mean I. Think I at least Iowa state to me. Lost to a school that. That a lot of us thought would be very good. Maybe. Not good enough but but still good. Arkansas state to me has been consistent, but they should not have been able to be Kansas State and Kansas is just laughable. I don't even know what else to say I think what you have to also give credit to the sunbelt. It's easy to be dismissive of the sun belt, but they really do play good football down there and I think that's important too to remember. I watched the I was state game and they just thought totally unprepared to start that game they did. We. Re Shocking. Shocking you don't know. You know without a crowd or big crowd everyone everyone has covert issues but that's not really an excuse and. I think I think it's interesting to consider that the the raging Cajun's have a really good team. Got A great coach. They've got a really good defensive coordinator and and they just came up with a plan. This is their moment. You know when you're when you're at the sun belt schools, you may get one or two chances a year and really the. There's always a theory that if you're going to pull one of these off the week one is. Hey thank you for the call speaking of the Sun Belt and speaking of the raging cages. We are looking forward to talking to the head coach.

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