BB22 | Live Feed Update | Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020


To our live feed up date for September. Fifteenth. I'm your host turn Armstrong and with me today. Jacob Hayden Jacob. Low. I'm doing good I'm doing good yourself. You know we're holding in here. We're holding we're. To and our best. We're here to talk to you about everything that happened yesterday on the Big Brother Twenty, two live feeds. It was day forty one in the house and It was a big day big day lots of lots of happenings. We got the long awaited veto ceremony new I. Feel like my my heart was like pacing even up to the moment of the see what she was doing, and then the night before three am meeting with the committee. That was insane and so yeah. Yes. So The day before yesterday when we talked about the life you'd have to. We talked about how Danny has H H was planning this big Vito ceremony. Ploy where she was going to ask everybody in the House who are you voting out and everyone would raise their hand for Tyler. and. Now is the plan and then that was a way to try and trick Devan into not using the veto. So that they could vote out Kevin. With Kevin entirely around the block. So early in the morning yesterday. MEMPHIS goes to Danny Memphis who was never really on board with this plan in the first place Memphis goes to Danny's like. This is a bad idea. Is Dumb you're overplaying don't do it. GRANDPA had some common sense. I really I really liked that from Memphis 'cause they woke luckily at three am to in reenacted how they will come up. I was so glad someone even though it would have been a feeling great TV in that moment, it was a stupid ploy because at the beginning of. Daniels H week. Or Danny S. she likes to be called. She said, I don't WanNa make a mind look stupid. In this was in fact, going to make day von look stupid. I'm glad that they didn't end up. Going through the. MEMPHIS. Like. Like look. I played with. Dan. You're not Dan don't try to be that. Way Out of thinking about the season chain. Okay. Yeah. When the

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