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Com slash radio. Service fees, limitations and exclusions. Apply. C plan for details. A 28 traffic weather together they sponsored by indeed, here's voter and biggest issue right now is on the Dan Ryan outbound this all because of an earlier crash in the local lanes Right of the Chicago Skyway. Everything is off on the side. The lanes are back up. We're still seeing some pretty heavy traffic. Outbound Ryan so from 43rd out, too, before the Skyway 25 minutes to get from downtown to the split. Being bound side of the Rhine. Heavy past. Pershing Up to Roosevelt. Eden's No Inter Outbound delays, The Kennedy inbounds pass Canfield Lawrence and from Armitage into the chamber interchange. 31 minutes from O'Hare, 18. And from the junction in the local lanes. 10 of the express lanes in the outbound Kennedy tender Montrose 24 from downtown to O'Hare eyes Now inbound The time is 42 minutes from round 3 90 27 from Mannheim Outbound just slow from Austin to before First Avenue. Stevenson inbound 40 minutes from 3 55 27 in from the Tri state. It's a 35 minute trip from Lakeshore Drive out to 3 55 on I 57 the Bishop Ford. You're looking good lakeshore Drive north and heavy 18th Roosevelt and from Balboa to Jackson. Next traffic report 8, 38, NewsRadio, 78 and 15 Point Headlines lasted a minute away The forecast a high of 83 today and a rather breezy maybe a shower tonight, then cooler air tonight into

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