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Joe, listen to this problem. I've noticed the last couple of times I have recorded shows. DVR 60 minutes the other night noticed this and then last night. I needed Tio go to sleep. So I DVR the Stephanopoulos, ABC Town Hall with President Trump and You know what I've noticed when I did that up on our bedroom television. We have our Set up down in the family room and then upstairs in the bedroom. We have another another box up there. So when I DVR things upstairs, I don't get H. D. Why would that? Why would that be? Is that Is that normal? I've ran into that problem a couple of times where I've accidentally hit record on the channel That isn't the non HD channel. So if I'm running through the list and I record Channel seven rather than channel 1 87. I'll get the non HD feed of that. So if you're it depends on where which button year recording on. So if you push record on ABC, it's not going to give you the best. ABC version is going to give you the one that you actually clicked on. But I thought I went to the guide. Which I have my favorites, So it's like the same guide upstairs and downstairs. I thought I went to the guide and just went to like last night, ABC and hit the record love to check that maybe

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