Woman killed in Boston elevator accident identified as Carrie O’Connor


Of an an elevator elevator involved involved in in that that deadly deadly crash crash accident accident in in Allston Allston might might result result in in some some answers answers about about how how a a young young woman woman was was crushed crushed to to death death inside. inside. Carrie Carrie O'Connor O'Connor was was a a lecturer lecturer at at Boston Boston University and yesterday she was just moving into our new apartment when the accident happened. Neighbor Llegan scores, Oni says another resident had just helped O'Connor load a large box into the elevator, and they heard screams like he thinks happened was she either trying to put the box on Four went on with box and the box was calling up to hit something and that started moving and she either panicked and went to jump off or panicked and didn't stay on. O'Connor had a PhD in French studies. She was due to lecture at BU this semester. Medical examiner ruling her cause of death as traumatic asphyxiation. 1 36

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