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That there is a strong connection between the United Arab Emirates Spice Agency and the Jackson, the Japanese space. Agency the these two organizations have worked together on this project, and actually that's one of the perhaps the characterizing features of hope in the there is broad international collaboration. The University of Colorado in the USA has been responsible for some of the instruments that hope is carrying to Mars. Really interesting project and with the. The name kind of tells you. A mile is the Arabic word. Hope Is A is a lot of is about international collaboration. It's about inspiring people. It's about inspiring the Arab world generally. Because it is the first. Mission to another planet from the Arab world. So a lot going for it. In terms of education and stamina, all those other things in you a this is bound to. To work wonders you a just by the way is not a stranger to space travel, though because they one of that astronauts actually flew on the International Space Station last year. an Arabic astronaut dot was very successful. I think gives a fairly short trip

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