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Are there skills from your life in fashion that you were able to apply to your soap business absolutely? Honestly Shadow to lead because she knew she played a huge part in that. I didn't know we work together once. Did. I didn't know Jack Shit about illustrator. Photoshop McKay didn't I. think that company that Leeann I. Both worked for was my first experience in illustrated photoshop, so I had to learn. And leaves looking at me like girls just president I did that in six years later? I'm like making Tech Paxton. I'm now I'm making my own illustrating branding in designing my own packaging but I couldn't have done that if it wasn't for the or me working in industry for six years doing that same exact thing over over over day in day out and. Honestly, I would've never at me. Personally I wouldn't never acts or hire someone to do branding because I know like I know Kinda how to do that myself so. I'm jobless. I got all this free time ahead. Illustrator on my computer giant screen see we could do and then. I came into the world of like. Seeing brands grow on on instagram and in looking at packaging. Going out in like looking at what is all out on the market and men kind of just mimicking that. Trying to exercise my skill, speaking of your design background and your web of Brandon, your visuals tell of really cohesive brand story from the product to the Brandon into the photography. Everything has a really specific style. So what are some techniques used to get everything aligned in your aesthetic? Yeah, I'm Tumbler. Avid, Tom Moore gather all my feels, and all my moods, and the places that want to go in place the travel to and how I want my home till the glide in the future. How pretty much just like kind kind of trying to get to wear want to get to in like twenty years I guess. That's how I guess best, but but I will say this. That's my method now. My method before was everything was heavily heavily inspired by what I saw on social media to be completely honest with you. I think that's how many people start out. They have like look at what everyone else is doing at Don. KNAPP for like two years and I was just like it just wasn't working for me so now. I have to like go into. into myself going to my mind because I know, I know I'm an incredible human being and I. Know that whatever's up here is insane and I'm pretty sure that somebody out there in the world feels how I feel or have had not how I feel. That's how I organize. My images are my fields tumbler. Temperature is a great community of people just like Instagram, but it's less political. It's less chatty. It's really just about images and Pinterest But. I guess you would say. Tumbler would be like my my thing so basically. You're using Tumbler to get your as you call. It feels together to build your mood to figure out your mindset, and then by gathering that at helps, make your vision clearer absolutely and I. Just want to point out i. think the fact that you mentioned you're. You're building that based on where you want to be in twenty years. Instead of what's hot now be my favorite piece of branding advice. We've ever heard from any guests like it makes so much sense. It's inspirational and I totally. It links up now with what I've been seeing on your feed like I. Get it now. It's a vision rather than you know trying to. Fit in late on trend yeah it's. notice if you scroll back far enough. Everything was very Prada Teddy. Product product product product after a while. It's like okay. We know he's also of okay. Know you make so and I didn't feel. I was growing in also didn't feel like connecting. It just felt like I was selling selling selling, and I see that most instagram's fail that way because. They're just so focused on. Here's myself. Here's my so here's. My so here's the every five minutes every day and I said you know what. I see okay, so you see those instagrams that you you come across. They don't sell anything. They're just instagram you noticed. You see one go, and then you're scrolling next thing you know you're on it, but thirty minutes on this whole issue because you've just been absorbed, went down. A radical of just feels, and you connect with the a now now when you're done. Okay, let me go the late. Let me. See what's going. Let me see what these people do. That's what I'm. That's what I WANNA be. That's what I want. The instagram to be in that town draw people in because. The so at the end of the day. seriously. It's salt at the end of the day right in there, so many people out there making so you can go outside right now in fine soap anywhere, but the connection to it in the emotion that comes along with that is what matters most in that. I'm finding most success.

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