Wayne Carini from 'Chasing Classic Cars' and F40 Motorsports


This is Robert Ross with another episode of cars that matter and today my guest is Wayne Carini who everybody knows Wayne Wayne's the host of chasing classic cars and incredibly Popular Program about finding gyms in the rough Wayne's also owner of f Forty Motor Sports Portland Connecticut I'm going to call that as day job and what a job it is Wayne Welcome to the program during us to be with. Obviously we're talking coast to coast I'm here in Los Angeles, and you're on the eastern side of the US and were doing this by way of Zoom. So it's not in the studio, but it allows some long distance conversation really in much the same way that you probably deal with. So many of the collectors nowadays things have certainly changed for all of us in the way that we communicate and weighed. The options are being held virtual car shows everything's changed slightly only. It's just for short periods. We'll talk about some of those things both the short-term effects maybe some of the long term positive benefits that come from this, it's hard to imagine there are any, but they're actually might be but instead of going forward in time, let's go back in time for a second. Let me just ask you the obvious. Question a lifetime love affair with cars, full classics, postwar sports, and racing cars, and probably even some modern collectibles. How did this car fixation begin when I was born into it? My father was founder the model a restorers club America back in nineteen fifty one year I was born cars were basically in our family from the beginning and then my dad restored cars for a living whether it was Duesenberg? Packard? As or buicks whatever they were my cousin built hot rods in a lean to next to my father's shop, and then a mile up the road was candy pools sports car shop where they had about every type sports car in the World Men Candy Pool is very famous race car drivers. So there was race cars, Ferraris Maserati. Oscars every type of car. That was rare stuff back then and I think that's how I got my ashes for everything to do with automobiles was brought up on every type of automobile. That's quite a broad swath. You Talk About Your Dad restoring everything from model as to Duisenburg's there couldn't be a wider gulf between those two and it's interesting. You mentioned that let's drill down into. That for just a second Wayne I often wonder the model a was such a ubiquitous machine, obviously the model t and then the model put Henry Ford on the map with a little company we call the Blue Oval but all the guys that actually treasure those cars and restore them and kept him alive for so many decades when they were well past. Their prime. It's very rare to see those cars any longer they sorta seems almost evaporated off the surface the earth they've become pretty popular again though in that era forcible way to get into the hobby and you could basically model for today from a catalog. So because of the ease of getting a apart the east of the restoration and the fun factor. With the driving aspect of it, I mean, these cars are a Lotta Fun to drive. Easy on reasonably priced. So we see model as actually their value and increasing summer bar. That's a great harbinger of things to come then because they really were sort of the cornerstone of the collector hobby back before guys can afford their full classics and all the fancy stuff from Europe. I starting going to Hershey with my dad and nine hundred, fifty, seven was six years old I think her she started either in fifty five, hundred, fifty, six does either liver fear second year, and then probably the third year I was there it became part. Of Our family, my dad created the model, a restorers club. He just come out of service in flight forty, eight and gentleman brought him a model a Ford to do some paint work on any restored to perfection for the gentleman brought it to local car show nine, hundred fifty and they wouldn't let him show it because they said that's just some old used car as nothing special and he got upset about that and went home and created the model, every stores America which thousands of people all over the world still supporting that club.

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