It was clear writers preferred buses to the subway


I'm Lance. Lucky. The city has installed less than a quarter of the new bus lanes that pledge to have in place by the end of the year. WN Stephen Nessen reports this June when the empty A and city began planning for what transportation might look like when the pandemic subsides and people returned to work. It was clear writers preferred buses to the subway so empty a asked for 60 miles of new bus lanes to keep writers moving quickly. The city offered 20 into date, just 4.5 of those miles have been completed and that includes the 14th Street bus way, which was already installed. It's just been made permanent. The city says It's working with community boards to get the rest done. Next up is 200.8 Miles on J Street End a 4.7 mile stretch on Highland Boulevard on Staten Island. Housing Court. Judges and lawyers are predicting an onslaught of cases this fall after New York State's moratorium on evictions expires October 1st at a state Senate committee hearing. Daniel Chinea, president of the Housing Court Judges Association, says judges need guidance because so many people have been affected by the pandemic. How is that tenant to know when the next job will come? Or how they will ever make ends meet without their loved one. As a judge. How can I weigh this personal tragedy against him ever mounting unsecured debt obligation being forced upon the landlord, the state's chief administrative judge asked elected officials to step in because, he said, the judiciary isn't the place for policy, making some lawmakers support extending the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. This weekend subway. Siri's between the Mets and Yankees has been postponed to allow time for more testing a contact tracing after two members of the Metsorganization tested positive for the Corona virus. This is W N. Y. C. Support for NPR comes

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